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15 Luscious New Colors Added to Radianz Line of Premium Quartz Surfaces

Eleven colors manufactured at company’s new third production line in Turkey.

LOTTE Chemical California, Inc. announces 15 exceptional color additions to its Radianz line of premium quartz surfaces. The new colors and patterns are available now from LOTTE dealers and distributor partners throughout North America. Eleven of the 15 new colors are being produced at the company’s Turkey manufacturing facility, which recently expanded to include a third production line.

The new colors in the Radianz Cirrus Prestige Collection are inspired by the enduring beauty and luxurious look of precious metals. The stunning new Cirrus Prestige Collection colors feature exquisite silver and gold veining, a design that can only be achieved with LOTTE’s proprietary manufacturing process, delicately weaving the metallic powders through the quartz composite for a natural-looking result.

Radianz Quartz LOTTE Manufactured Surface Pegasus

New Cirrus Prestige Collection colors:

• Aquarius – deep oceanic blue with glimmering silver veining
• Aries – subtle gray with subtle silver veins that sparkle
• Pegasus – attractive gray with intermingled shimmering silver and gray-blue veining
• Starry – a nuanced, night-inspired brown with rich, gold undertones
• Statuario Crux – a rich gray with bold, dispersed veins

Radianz Quartz LOTTE Manufactured Surface Starry

New Cirrus Collection colors:

• Alinda – warm white with peppery gray veining
• Carola – soothing, milky rich white
• Carrara Bella – a rich gray color with thin, delicate veining
• Carrara Bianca – a rich gray color with light veining
• Carrara Luca – a rich gray color with compact, thin veining
• Minta – warm white with gentle gray veins
• Spa Black – soothing deep black with stencil-like white veins

New Classic Collection colors:

• Angel White – classic and clean white
• Polar White – white peppered with subtle translucent flecks and darker speckles
• Pacifica White – an understated white emanating a soft, subtle blue hue

“In addition to becoming a leader in the volume of premium quartz we can produce, LOTTE continues to demonstrate we are already a leader in the creation of the industry’s most beautiful patterns and stunning colors,” stated John Kim, director of the architectural products team for LOTTE Chemical California, Inc. “The 2021 additions to our Radianz quartz line will become immediate favorites to architects, interior designers, and the clients they serve.”

Composed of up to 93% natural quartz, Radianz countertops are hygienic, scratch and stain-resistant, and offer exceptional durability for both commercial and residential applications. Radianz quartz surfaces are Certified Class A fire rated, resistant to heat, and manufactured with LOTTE’s environmentally-friendly process, earning GREENGUARD, GREENGUARD GOLD, and LEED certifications.

About LOTTE Chemical California, Inc.
LOTTE manufactures and markets high-performance decorative surfacing materials for residential and commercial applications around the globe. Originally part of the Samsung family of companies, LOTTE Chemical California, Inc. is rapidly expanding its North American presence through the company’s solid-surface brand, Staron, a seamless and thermo-formable, acrylic product suitable for a wide range of commercial applications. The quartz surface brand, Radianz, is a premium engineered surface designed to be ultra-durable. The Locelain sintered-stone collection features a high-quality natural stone look and superb durability. Through cutting-edge technology and insights into worldwide market trends, LOTTE continues to excel in today’s surface industry.

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