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2022 Trends in Bathroom and Surface Designs

By Andrew Maclaren-Taylor

There was a surge in bathroom remodels in 2021, with no indication that this trend will decline anytime soon. And for good reason – a revamped bathroom can provide an ideal space for relaxation within any home.

Of course, enhancing bathroom surfaces, such as countertops and shower surrounds, add function and design to the space; these surfaces should appeal to the eye and personal taste of the consumer, but also provide durability.

And when it comes to surfaces, a minimalistic style will rule this year. A minimalist look reduces clutter and ensures the bathroom looks roomy and relaxing. In addition, consumers are gravitating toward looks inspired by nature. Biophilic design is a concept used to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment through the use of direct nature, indirect nature, and space and place conditions. This includes finishes that mimic natural stone and wood and recycled materials that engage light, colors and textures that bring the outdoors in.

And while aesthetics are generally the primary motivators for a bathroom remodel project, functionality remains important to consumers, too. Consumers are also looking for bathroom upgrades that make their homes cleaner. Bathrooms can contain tens of thousands of units of bacteria on any given surface, so it’s no wonder that many remodels are now incorporating smart technologies and other features that can make a home more sanitary. Nonporous surfaces, which don’t harbor bacteria, are key.

Keep an eye on these trends for 2022. Designers and remodelers can add offer add-ons and specify materials that leave customers wanting for nothing. (There is no traffic in the extra mile!)

Heated Towel Racks

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A heated towel rack is a great way to help you transform your bathroom in a way that makes it feel like a spa. But these accessories don’t just add a touch of warmth to your space, they also provide necessary health functions. They can kill tons of bacteria found on our towels (even the clean ones) to provide ongoing health and wellness. This technology is a great way to combat germs and enhance comfort.

Countertops and Cabinets

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There is no denying it; one of the biggest trends for bathrooms in 2022 is the ability to clean surfaces. Consumers want materials that are easy to sanitize, such as quartz and marble. Additionally, bathroom spaces should be open and clutter-free. Include cabinetry that makes organization easier.

Functional Flooring

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One major element that can totally transform a bathroom is the flooring. Slip-resistant flooring makes bathrooms safer by preventing potential falls. With an increase in consumers looking to age in place, accessibility will be key. In addition, heated flooring can enhance comfort and luxury.

Wall-Mounted Vanities

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In 2022, the most sought-after vanity style will be the wall-mounted option. Again, nodding back to a minimalist approach, this design can provide tons of storage space and enhance the visual appeal of the modern bathroom.

Elegant Finishes

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There is no denying it – bathroom remodels are expensive, often costing around $20,000. The cost alone can tempt one into attempting to cut corners, but high-end bathroom accessories deliver a huge amount of bang for the buck. High-end accessories often hold up longer, look better, and ensure that the space feels luxurious. You can find options for towel bars, soap dishes, and toilet paper holders, among others. They are both functional and beautiful, which is what will make them popular this year.

Wet Rooms

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Wet rooms are enjoying a surge in popularity – and for a good reason. After all, these rooms have all of the amenities of a luxurious bathroom but are even more functional. Wet rooms have the same flooring throughout the entire room and have little or no barrier between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. As a bonus, they are easier to clean, reducing the amount of germs in the bathroom. And installing something with a uniform surface across the entire room is easier than installing multiple surface materials.

Zero-entry Showers

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This describes a shower with no curb or threshold. These showers are very accessible and convenient, and they are easy to clean, which is aligned with the practical concerns of the modern consumer. And they can look and feel very luxurious.

Dual Showers

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Another hot trend this year is adding dual showers. This can be accomplished by adding two separate showers in their own contained space, or you can have one large shower space with dual showerheads.

Minimalist Layout

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As you can see by many of the trends on this list, minimalism is an overarching theme. Consumers want an uncluttered bathroom that is highly functional and adds a bit of luxury to their life. Aligned with this is a desire for simple bathroom layouts, such as those that are achieved with a wet room or zero-entry shower feature. But even if you don’t incorporate these elements, most consumers prefer a simple layout without any extra stuff.

Natural Textures & Materials

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There is a strong pull to a natural look this year. Elements such as designer tiles that mimic stone and stone or wood panels on the walls are very trendy. It is also very popular to purchase bathroom fixtures, such as vanities, that are made from recycled materials. Consumers want options that look great without contributing to environmental destruction or change.

These considerations help you to identify multiple ways to improve the cleanliness, functionality, and appeal of any bathroom.

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Andrew Maclaren-Taylor CEO of Bathroom ButlerAndrew Maclaren-Taylor is the CEO of Bathroom Butler, a leading bathroom tech innovation, accessories and finishes company serving the U.S., South Africa, Mauritius and Australia. The company is known for its smart technology Heated Towel Rack which can be remotely temperature-gauged to kill bacteria in towels and to quickly dry them to keep them hygienic for the entire family. Bathroom Butler products are in both residential homes and in leading hotels around the world. 

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