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Stay sharp in your shop with these powerful cutting solutions and accessories.

AccuGlide Porcelain Slab Miter Station
AccuGlide Porcelain Slab Miter StationThe AccuGlide Porcelain Slab Miter Station is the solution for precision porcelain miters. With over 20 years of experience, AccuGlide has developed the ultimate system for field-proven high-end results. The AccuGlide Porcelain Slab Miter Station helps make porcelain miter cuts easier and cleaner. You’ll have high precision and rigidity that is unmatched. That stability reduces the chances of chips and cracks, enabling an increase in output with up to 50% more miter cutting production. Clean cuts translate into tight laminations on materials such as porcelain, sintered stone and ultracompact surfaces. This cutting station includes AccuGlide’s Classic Stone Saw and 12.5-foot tracks, 5-foot Quick Lock Tracks, specialty blades, the MiterMaster Saw Attachment System, the Omni Cubed Slim Table HD and other accessories. For more information, visit www.accuglidesaws.com.

ADI Ratio Blade and The Legend Cerberus Quartzite blade from GranQuartz
The ADI Ratio is a large diameter bridge saw blade designed for the precision cutting of porcelain, UCS, Dekton and other hard materials. The Ratio features a heavy-duty core that minimizes deflection during straight or miter cutting applications. The unique diamond bond and smooth-cutting diamond segments are perfectly suited for extra-hard materials. It has a 16-inch diameter and features a 60 mm arbor/bore.

The Legend Cerberus Quartzite blade is an excellent choice for fabricators producing quartzite countertops, which typically require a higher level of skill by the operator and a blade engineered to meet the challenges of cutting extremely hard surfaces. Legend Cerberus for Quartzite features a V-style, 20-mm tall pattern diamond segment design with a very high diamond concentration and a special proprietary bond specifically formulated for precise, high-quality cutting of quartzite surfaces. It’s available in various sizes ranging from 14 to 18 inches. Find out more at www.granquartz.com.

LT-2D3D Laser Templator by Laser Products Industries (LPI)
With more than 6,000 systems sold worldwide, the LT-2D3D Laser Templator can help you complete more jobs per day with greater accuracy and efficiency than ever before. Setup takes only a few minutes — no need to clear or remove existing countertops — just point and click! The LT-2D3D is designed to rotate virtually 360 degrees for optimal coverage and accuracy. The software is highly intuitive — CAD experience is not required. Simply add in features, such as sinks and backsplashes, with a click of a button. Send photos, estimates and even CNC-ready files directly from the job site. Template horizontal and vertical applications with ease, including full-height backsplashes, fireplaces, showers and more.

BONUS: LPI is giving fabricators the opportunity to get a glimpse of the future of LPI with its LT3Raptor software, where the quick just got quicker. It boasts the same simplicity as the current Laser Templator software but enhances user experience. LPI wants you to be a part of the future and help them not only reinforce the foundation of digital templating and fabrication, but also evolve it. Play a key role in its continued development and improvement through Beta testing and feedback, and have the advantage of being the first to have access to this and other new products and services when launched.

To be a part of this evolution and keep up to date on the latest news on new product developments such as the LT3Raptor, product testing opportunities, exclusive promotions and more, sign up at www.laserproductsus.com/innovation.

Robo SawJet 2.0 by BACA Systems
Robo SawJet 2.0 is the latest programmable saw and abrasive waterjet cutting system. It uses a KUKA robot with dual-table compatibility for loading or unloading in one station while cutting in the opposite station. The 2.0 comes with six axis coils for faster cut transitions and lower height requirements. It also features automated saw calibration, enhanced blade lubrication and a quick-disconnect guard. The controller requires an even smaller footprint, and it features an EtherCAT-based bus interface with fewer cables, better diagnostics, and Variable Frequency Drive to optimize cutting of ultracompact materials.

After the material is loaded, all cutting is completed prior to removal, including arcs, faucet and sink openings. Intuitive, PC-based software automatically determines where saw cuts and waterjet cuts are needed with a few mouse clicks from either the machine or a remote office. For more information, visit www.bacasystems.com/robo-sawjet.

Speroni STP Essentia CNC Tooling Presetter
The all-new Speroni STP Essential CNC Tooling Presetter from BB Industries is an entry-level tool presetting and measuring system. Its robust structure and user-friendly software interface allow customers to benefit from a basic, essential unit with tangible, long-lasting performance. With the Speroni Essentia, you can efficiently measure tools easily and independently of the operator, achieving full machining productivity. With a space-saving design and long-lasting durability, this presetter is ready to deliver quality results right beside your CNC machine. It includes a symmetric and captivating design for maximum ergonomics, and it’s made of aged cast iron and equipped with a five-guideway system, Heidenhain glass scales and Speroni high precision 50 taper rotating spindle with integrated calibration edge. Clear, concise, easy-to-use controls are specifically designed to optimize all tool presetting and measuring operations. An attractive multi-touch display efficiently complements Speroni Essentia’s design and ergonomics. Find out more at www.bbindustriesllc.com/speroni-stp-essentia-cnc-tooling-presetter.html.

STRIEBIG Edition 60 from Colonial Saw
To celebrate its 60th anniversary, STRIEBIG introduces the newest model of its legendary line of vertical panel saws. Adding to STRIEBIG’s arsenal of features designed to make panel processing safe and easy, the Edition 60 features a strong integrated panel lifting device allowing for ergonomic, smooth cutting of panels by one operator. The comprehensive standard equipment and legendary STRIEBIG accuracy guarantee short processing times and safe operation. The NEW Edition 60-panel saw is a full-size, fully-loaded Standard S machine plus two-panel lifters that can be used for materials up to 10 feet by 7 feet and up to 350 pounds (175 pounds each), allowing for easy one-person panel processing. Users can add a third lifter to process panels up to 16 feet by 7 feet and up to 525 pounds.

Other features include the wood support wall with integrated small parts support, panel lowering device with two panel lowering units, pneumatic clamping of the motor carriage and auto-locking support rollers, digital measuring system DMS-Y with fine adjustment, and laser line to show placement of horizontal cuts. The Edition 60 is operated using straightforward push-button controls, and the LED lights on the panel lifting units guide the operator safely through the sawing process. Find more information at www.csaw.com/striebig-vertical-panel-saws/edition-60.

SYSTAR XL from Ghines Group
SYSTAR XL, offered by Ghines Group, is a stone fab center, stone cutting machine and miter saw in one. The machines have high-end linear guides and a nonvibrating steel frame designed to perform accurate straight and miter cuts. The highly precise V cut allows the edges to appear as a natural continuity of the veins. Fabricators will be able to create and finish big islands or L-shaped worktops out of one piece without moving the slab. Other applications include arches, architectural elements, backsplashes, fireplaces, L-shaped islands, sills, stairs and worktops. Stone processing types include stone cutting four sides at 90 or 45 degrees; shaping and polishing (internal and external); cutting out sink holes (also by blade); recessed drainer/drain grooves; slots on edges; and edge polishing (on straight and inclined edges). It also allows for large work strokes because of the open frame with no limits for the length of the slab. It includes nine spindle positions and a fast tool changer. Find out more about the SYSTAR XL and other cutting solutions from Ghines at www.ghines.com.

TYROLIT offers the GT2 EVO: a single saw blade with high cutting performance capable of cutting many different materials. The main objective in developing the GT2 EVO saw blade was to maintain sharpness even when cutting hard granite, quartzite and most new ceramic slabs. The GT2 EVO blade can be used in almost all machines from low to high power and in many different applications, such as bridge saws used for cutting made-to-measure countertops. The blades range from 350 mm to 600 mm in diameter with 15-mm-high segments and a normal or silent steel core. For more information, www.tyrolit.com.

VOYAGER XP CNC Saw by Park Industries
Power, flexibility and accuracy in one compact machine – the VOYAGER XP CNC Saw is the cutting solution you need. Powered up with a 27 horsepower motor and automated ultracompact programming, it cuts difficult materials such as porcelain and quartzite with ease. Its 5-axis design brings versatile capabilities like incremental routing, arc cutting, mitering and more. The TightCut feature nests parts closer together, increasing material yield by nearly 10% while reducing the time spent milling. With simple programming and the ability to cut in manual mode, its operator-friendly controls make it the perfect saw for your first CNC.

One customer shared, “Park made my first CNC experience so great I can’t help but recommend the VOYAGER XP. I am loving the saw and the service I’ve received. Everything has been quality through and through.”

Voyage into digital fabrication with the VOYAGER XP. Learn more: www.parkindustries.com/voyager.

Weha Diamond Blades
Weha’s Red Cat bridge saw blades are steady running blades for granite, quartz, marble and even quartzite. This silent core bridge saw blade is great for doing 45-degree miters with no deflecting. The Red Cat is made to run steady, tried and true cutting. If your saw has auto settings, set the saw to monitor amps and let it cut. The Red Cat is built with 15-mm-high tapered segments that are made to be an open cutting segment with plenty of water to keep it sharp and provide for consistent cuts. The Red Cat will cut clean with very little chatter or chipping, and it will cut all the way to the core to get the maximum life out of the blade. It’s made for shops that want a good blade at the best price possible. It’s available in 14 inches, 16 inches and 18 inches. For more information about the Red Cat series and other blades, visit www.wehausa.com.

Winger Flux by Breton
Breton’s Winger Flux is the ultimate countertop CNC center for marble, granite, engineered stone or ceramic materials. It maximizes production by serializing operations such as cutting sink holes, cooktop holes, recess slots for drain boards or flush-mounted sinks, tap holes and more. The machine also includes advanced automation and smart processes for setup, flexible internal finishing for customization, single operator functionality, and easy integration into the production process with in-line configuration. There is a quick installation and activation process thanks to the monobloc configuration. Ensure reliability and precision with Breton’s high-quality mechanics. Learn more about the Winger Flux and Breton’s full line of CNC work centers at www.breton.it/en.

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