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A Surface Issue: When Natural Stone Does Not Make the Cut

By Ed Rogers, US Surfaces, Executive Vice President

When Shyla Cino, an interior designer from Greenville, South Carolina, was slated with selecting the countertops for the kitchen of her newly constructed home, she thought that she knew what she wanted. After working with her clients throughout the years, she fell in love with the look of granite and was excited to use the material in her own home. However, only a few short years later, Shyla found that natural stone was not a good fit for the busy lives of her family and did not speak to their personal style – inspiring her to redesign the recently built kitchen in a way that would better serve her household.

A Fresh Start

The designer wanted to focus on making the space feel clean and bright. Shyla began the project by updating the backsplash and replacing the old sink with a single white fireclay basin adorned with a brass faucet. She also added new brass lighting fixtures to bring the look together.

Her main objective for this kitchen update was to replace the existing granite countertops with more durable material and a calm pattern. Shyla desired a solid surface that required little to no maintenance and was easy to sanitize — something that was not susceptible to the chipping, scratching and staining of elements commonly seen in granite. The experience led Shyla to consider quartz as a viable surfacing material, as she had become familiar with the product and its durability through her work with past clients.

With an idea in mind, Shyla then set out to find the perfect countertop to complement the already installed backsplash. She visited her local fabricator, American Custom Countertops, whom she had worked with previously, to explore her options. Upon being shown handcrafted samples from the artisan quartz manufacturer Vadara, Shyla knew she had found what her kitchen needed: a surfacing product with a natural stone look that was undeniably beautiful and easy to maintain and clean.

The only problem she ran into was that Vadara offered so many stylish color options that it made it difficult to decide which one to choose. She eventually settled on Soreno Gold, characterized by the gold veining that weaves throughout the slab. It served as the perfect accompaniment to the brass fixtures used throughout the kitchen. The staff at American Custom Countertops were patient and professional during the process; they did an excellent job installing the countertops and sink in the Cinos’ home.

Sales team member Giovanni Rodriguez stated, “We recommend Vadara quartz because it is a high-quality and extremely durable surfacing material. The product is easy to work with and is offered in so many colors – seamlessly emulating the look of natural stone.”

When the countertops were complete, the designer put the finishing touches on the space. Shyla turned her focus to her old pantry door. Though the wooden door was warped and worn, Shyla was captivated by its charm. She refinished the piece, adding a Victorian-style knob to complete the kitchen remodel.

The Big Reveal

In the end, the designer couldn’t be happier with the result of her kitchen makeover. The space now had the fresh, bright look that Shyla longed for, and the design suited the needs of her family. The eye-catching quartz countertops are the focal point of the room. They add a sense of upscale allure to the redesigned kitchen. The pairing of the updated backsplash, sink, faucet and pantry door help tie together the design of the kitchen. The beauty and functionality of the space and the countertops will be enjoyed for many years to come, meaning the Cino family will no longer have to sacrifice practicality to achieve the desired look. And when the family decides to move, the Vadara quartz countertops will remain just as beautiful as they were upon their installation.  

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