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Antolini’s Natural Stones Elevate Interior Design Project

Antolini's natural stones are the main characters of the interior design story created by architect Mario Santini for an apartment in the heart of Verona.

An apartment in the center of Verona, a historical city in northern Italy, has recently been renovated by the architect Mario Santini with the aim of transforming its interiors by following the 1950s and 1970s design styles.

Distributed over approximately 2,700 square feet, the apartment consists of a large open space dedicated to the living area with a kitchen, four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

One of the most effective design tools chosen by the architect to update the interior style has been the use of Antolini’s natural stones, which now characterize the space.

The combination of natural stones with other materials — capable of enhancing and emphasizing — is one of the main insights of the project, as shown by the combination of marble and wallpaper, wood or metal.

“We inspire architects and designers from all over the world to create unique and sophisticated projects,” said Alberto Antolini, CEO of Antolini. “Antolini’s role is to revolutionize the natural stone market through constant and methodical research, capable of offering a wide choice of stones able to dialogue and enhance the environment around them. The heart of this project is the kitchen, where the Black Cosmic granite is a sign of strength, with its primordial and timeless character.”

Antolini Natural Stone

The Kitchen
Facing the living area and with a space organization that includes a linear part and an island, the kitchen embodies all the design principles followed by Mr. Santini, which translate into the choice of materials. Among all of them, the kitchen top stands out; it’s in Black Cosmic granite in a leather finish, and it has been designed to include an induction hob and a retractable sink. (When closed, the surface becomes continuous, with a great visual impact.)

Wallpaper featuring 1950s-style decorations covers the wall behind the work area and, through its geometries and colors, gives a strong identity to the space while highlighting the kitchen and the granite worktop.

The Living Area
In direct visual contact with the kitchen, the apartment living area respects and repeats the chromatic and material choices. In fact, also in the living room the Black Cosmic Antolini granite in leather finish, part of the Exclusive Collection, has become the main character. The natural stone, in this case, has been chosen to complete and integrate the bookcase; it has been inserted in the lower part of it and has been designed to make room for a fireplace.

Antolini Natural Stone

In this area of the apartment, it is worth noting the combination of the wood and the golden details of the furnishings, as well as the flexibility of the stone, molded to respond effectively to the required functions. In the kitchen, the transformation goes from sink to worktop; in the living area, it becomes a shelf, a container and a structure for the fireplace.

The Bathrooms
If the combination of natural stone with wood and metal has characterized the living area, in the bathrooms the combination is with wallpaper.

Antolini Natural Stone

The countertop, washbasins, wall coverings and shower in the master bathroom are made of Silver Roots marble in a leather finish, flanked by 3D wallpaper by Pierre Frey that reproduces a succession of bamboo canes. The result is a welcoming environment with clear references to nature — a choice that follows the philosophy of the bathroom as an area of wellness and relaxation.

The second bathroom is also characterized by Silver Roots marble, gray with darker veins, combined to a Cole & Son wallpaper dedicated to a naturalistic theme by Fornasetti. Here, the perimeter walls are defined, in the lower part, by the natural stone cladding overlaid by the multicolor wallpaper.

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