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Become a Master of Stone: Sharpen Up on Safety and Skill

From fabrication to installation and everything in between, the Masters of Stone training program offers essential information on each element of the quartz stone process. The online program is updated regularly according to best practices and keeps your team informed of the latest important safety information.

Caesarstone Master of Stone Share the comprehensive guide and program with your employees and use it in all health and safety training. There are four main tabs on the page, each with easy-to-follow instruction guides and an extensive video library. There are nine modules in the training program that can be completed in less than an hour. The program’s user-friendly format makes implementing this tool in the daily work environment a breeze.

Quartz is a human-made stone material, and the end result is a highly durable surface with all the aesthetic appeal that natural stone offers. It can be used as trendy backsplashes or modern flooring, in addition to its most common use as a fashionably functional countertop. Due to its seemingly endless list of benefits and abundance of uses, quartz can be found in millions of homes across the nation.

Caesarstone is committed to offering one of the best fabricator training programs. To continue its mission of excellence, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest practices of the trade. Creating a product that customers can use for a lifetime is what Caesarstone strives for. True quality extends far beyond consumer satisfaction. The company believes high-quality quartz requires skilled manufacturing and expert installation to achieve a maximum lifespan and showstopping appearance. Fundamentally, it’s easy to succeed with stonework when the right tools and training are always at your fingertips.

Working with quartz — be it fabricating or installing — takes effort, skill and extreme safety consideration. To avoid error and reduce the frequency of workplace accidents, having the right tools is nonnegotiable.

Caesarstone Master of StoneHowever, not all the latest and greatest tools are physical. In fact, most of the regularly used tools are mental and fall under the health and safety or best practices category. By recognizing the ongoing learning aspects of quartz masonry, Caesarstone looked to develop an easily accessible learning hub for its international team of employees and fabricators. The learning hub needed to offer 24/7 access to vital information about every aspect of stoneworking. In response, the team came up with a creative and effective online solution: The Masters of Stone.

Finally, in addition to offering complete information around the clock, Caesarstone encourages employers and fabricator feedback to ask any lingering questions that might have been missed.

Here are just a few of the most elemental best practices when working with high-quality Caesarstone quartz materials.

Don’t Rush the Process
Material measurements need to be precise and exact to maintain quality. Never skip out on measurements or cut corners to save time. Paying special attention to set times is vital to achieving aesthetic patterns, finishes, and durable composition.

Wear a Mask
For employers, it is your responsibility to provide workers with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) in workplaces where health and safety hazards exist and to ensure that they use it as required. The Masters of Stone training program has a detailed list of which kinds of masks need to be used in which cases.

Caesarstone Master of StoneClean As You Go
Clean wet or dry sludge immediately; never wait for the end-of-day cleanup. Prevent water pooling and drying on surfaces, which leave dry dust deposits. Recommended methods for cleaning floors, walls, and other surfaces with RCS are low-pressure wet hosing, wet sweeping, and HEPA vacuum systems. Under no circumstances should dust be swept up with a dry broom or removed using compressed air.

Maintenance is Key
Create a regular, recurring schedule for cleaning all equipment and systems at least once a day. Check that the work area is clean at the end of each shift.

Authorized Personnel Only
Access to hazardous work areas should be restricted to authorized workers who are equipped with the necessary PPE. These areas should be clearly marked with appropriate signage to ensure that workers are aware of the hazards.

For more detailed information on maintaining a facility that abides by the best practices, start your Master of Stone certification online. Learn more at

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