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Cadsoft Corporation Launches Personal Architect Online Tool

Cadsoft Corporation, a leading developer of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software for the residential and light commercial construction industry, is proud to announce the launch of an online 3D design platform that incorporates Artificial Intelligence and multi-user collaboration.

Personal Architect Online is a visionary leap in home design, focused on uniting designers, homeowners and product manufacturers in an online arena where together they can create inspiring living spaces,” said Ray Groothuizen, chief technology officer at Cadsoft.

Personal Architect Online is a cloud-based home 3D design tool with built-in artificial intelligence to guide homeowners and builders in a collaborative experience. Personal Architect Online is the only tool to allow multiple people to work simultaneously on a design, in the cloud, on any device, guided by AI. The tool allows builders to engage prospective clients online.

Imagine the power of not just looking at flat 2D design ideas but being immersed in a 3D design and personalizing it with custom changes. The Personal Architect visualizer encourages upgraded finishes and quicker buy-in, freeing up a designer’s time. It also builds a material list to keep track of the selected finishes, accelerating the design process efficiently. Since Personal Architect Online is cloud-based, homeowners can use any device from a Smartphone to a MacBook, to create ideas anywhere. The potential is limitless.

About Cadsoft Corporation 
Cadsoft is a premier software developer of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software for residential designers, builders, remodelers, LBM Dealers, and consumers. Our solutions incorporate 3D design, working drawings, framing, rendering, material take-off, and links to most major analysis and estimating packages. 

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