Cambria Announces Six Depth-Defying New Designs

Groundbreaking movements, lively accents and balanced undertones combine to define modern beauty in quartz surfacing.

Cambria introduced six new additions to its iconic quartz design palette. The groundbreaking new designs are fueled by Cambria’s proprietary technology and techniques, and transcend the existing palette to further expand its innovative quartz surface collection.

The three new Windsor designs include Windsor Brass, Windsor Steel Satin Ridge and Windsor Brass Satin Ridge.

This new addition to the Alloy Collection is high gloss with chocolate brown streams that converge along a cool white backdrop. Its translucence and movement are punctuated by hints of brilliant brass. The Windsor Brass alloy accent lightly traces the peaks and valleys of this flowing landscape for visual depth with a glint of glamor.

Bold movement and balanced texture are hallmarks of the steel-toned colorways of Windsor Steel Satin Ridge which ebb and flow like waves against warm honey sand. The steel alloy traces each crest like gleaming sunlight, while cool charcoal contrasts the warm-white debossed Inverness veins.

Chocolate brown hues and warm honey shading play against delicate debossed Inverness veins. Radiant brass complements this stony canvas with subtle warmth and smooth movement with unmatched sheen in Windsor Brass Satin Ridge.

Windsor Brass Satin Ridge. Credit: Cambria USA
Windsor Brass Satin Ridge. Credit: Cambria USA

“Cambria’s new Windsor designs unveil a realm of design that transcends ordinary, a symphony of textures and visuals entwined in a harmonious embrace.” said Summer Kath, executive vice president of design for Cambria. “These one-of-a-kind creations are poised to steal the spotlight, leaving an indelible mark on the world of design.”

In addition to the new Windsor designs, three new Inverness designs have been added: Inverness Swansea, Inverness Everleigh and Inverness Bristol Bay.

Inverness Swansea. Credit: Cambria USAInverness Swansea Credit: Cambria

The colorway guides into a tonal white, marbled design. The merging of neutral tones, debossed Inverness veins and smooth textures creates an artfully combined, warm-meets-cool design.

Statement meets subtle in this movement-rich design that features cool gray and warm, sand-honey tonalities, combining the best of bold patterns and soft, tone-on-tone design with delicate debossed Inverness veins.

Stormy-blue waves surge against the cool white backdrop of this striking design, cloaking its translucent gray colorways with soft ripples and pronounced spires of saturated cobalt, paired with debossed Inverness veins, adding subtle texture.

“The Inverness designs are a testament to Cambria technology reaching unparalleled pinnacles, meticulous craftsmanship and innovation that elevates aesthetics to unprecedented levels, with a touch of texture. These masterpiece designs will cater to diverse project aspirations,” said Kath.

All six of the new Cambria designs are available immediately and come in 2 cm and 3 cm thicknesses and are available in jumbo slab size of 65.5 inches by 132 inches.

Cambria has over 170 bold designs. Design launch events are scheduled throughout the nation in Cambria Gallery, Sales and Distribution Center Showrooms in over 25 major US cities and metropolitan areas across the country. Samples can be ordered online at CambriaUSA.com.

About Cambria
Cambria is the leading producer of American-made quartz surfaces and is a family-owned company. Cambria’s innovative quartz designs are stain-resistant, nonabsorbent, durable, safe, maintenance-free, easy to care for, and backed by a transferable full lifetime warranty. Cambria is sold through an exclusive network of premium, independent specialty retail and trade partners that can be found in the dealer locator at CambriaUSA.com.

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