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Case Study: Kitchen Remodel Exudes Sophistication and Charm

This kitchen remodel showcases the seamless integration of nobilia cabinetry, resulting in an elevated space within an industrial setting.

The project: A kitchen remodel in an old Philadelphia warehouse building for a couple who thoroughly enjoys the pleasures of cooking and brewing specialty coffee. Sounds interesting, no?

This nobilia kitchen remodel showcases the seamless integration of nobilia’s EasyTouch 961 Graphite Black Ultra Matte cabinets paired with nobilia’s Havana Oak Reproduction, resulting in a space that exudes sophistication and warehouse charm.

The homeowners’ design choices reflect their affinity for simplicity and subtlety, evident in their use of reclaimed woods, grayscale tones and carefully curated pops of color. The EasyTouch 961 Graphite Black Ultra Matte cabinets from nobilia perfectly align with their vision, effortlessly blending with the warehouse atmosphere while creating a cozy ambiance. The dark matte fronts feature an innovative coating that repels fingerprints, always ensuring a clean and polished look.

nobilia cabintry

Storage was a top priority for the couple, who enjoyed spending ample time cooking, baking, and entertaining. To maximize storage space while maintaining an open and airy feel, they leveraged the high ceilings and opted for vertical cabinets measuring an impressive 104 inches. This design choice allowed for an expansive pantry, accommodating large appliances, mixing bowls, baking supplies, and a comprehensive coffee setup.

A dedicated coffee corner serves as the heart of the kitchen, reflecting the couple’s passion for coffee. Equipped with a Linea Mini espresso machine, a Rocket Fausto espresso grinder, a Mahlkonig EK43 S grinder, and a Fellow Stagg EKG electric kettle, their coffee setup offers a delightful coffee experience for every occasion.

Additional elements pulled into this kitchen remodel include:

The nobilia North America remodel in this historic warehouse showcases the harmonious integration of modern design and warehouse charm. By carefully selecting materials, finishes, and fixtures, the homeowners have created a functional, visually appealing, and welcoming environment that reflects their personal style. From cooking and baking to entertaining and savoring their favorite coffee moments, their nobilia kitchen has become the centerpiece of their lives.

Project information:

  • Photography: Will Hare
  • nobilia cabinets ordered through FORM Kitchens
  • Cabinet installation: NK Construction and Design
  • Counters & install: Marbleworks & Daughters
  • Tile, grouting, and plumbing: Abdul Satar


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