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Cosentino Launches Le Chic and Urban Crush Collections from Silestone

The surfacing leader expands its Silestone portfolio for the first time in two years with innovative new sustainable design solutions.

Cosentino Group, the Spanish global leader in the production and distribution of innovative and sustainable surfaces for the world of architecture and design, has added two collections to its Silestone portfolio, Le Chic and Urban Crush, which feature innovative design processes and leading sustainable technology. As the first collections from Silestone to debut in two years, these launches mark a highly anticipated moment for the brand. Silestone aims to disrupt and create trends, and with Le Chic’s one-of-a-kind detailing and Urban Crush’s refreshing palette, these collections bring a luxurious allure to any interior space.

“At Cosentino, I believe we must strive to uphold our core values of innovation and sustainability with each product we put forward,” said Valentin Tijeras, product, innovation and quality vice president at Cosentino, “With Le Chic, we’ve made great strides in terms of surfacing technology by manufacturing the veining in such detail, and Urban Crush represents our constant pulse on modern design trends. This is an exciting milestone for the Silestone portfolio, and we’re proud to be able to continue to manufacture these collections sustainably with our HybriQ+ technology.”

Silestone Le Chic

Silestone by Cosentino Le Chic Parisien Bleu
Silestone by Cosentino: Le Chic in Parisien Bleu

The Le Chic collection is an elegant and sophisticated offering at the intersection of fashion and design. The patterns feature expressive veins and metallic accents that stand out against neutral backdrops like cream or deep blues and blacks, obtaining designs full of depth. All together, the collection offers the charm of Victorian and Parisian spaces, speaking to nostalgia with a modern yet timeless execution.

Le Chic also represents an advancement in Cosentino’s surface manufacturing, as the detailed veining requires an all new system of design. The intricate, interlocking veins are made possible by the brand’s new molding system, giving life to particles and minerals of a wide range of sizes and creating an incredible new texture.

The Le Chic collection is composed of six designs: Parisien Blue, Eclectic Pearl, Versailles Ivory, Victorian Silver, Bohemian Flame and Romantic Ash.

Silestone Urban Crush

Silestone by Cosentino Urban Crush Cinder Craze
Silestone by Cosentino: Urban Crush in Cinder Craze

The Urban Crush collection is inspired by the diverse textures of industrial and urban style. Materials such as concrete, limestone, bronze and ash come together to replicate the feeling of a lively cityscape, achieving the perfect backdrop for an industrial, modern space. The new Urban Crush offerings speak to an eclectic side of design as its tones beautifully complement vintage, vibrant interiors. The collection’s dusty tones are incredibly versatile when viewed up close, and the various colorways are full of life to deliver movement to a space.

The Urban Crush collection is made up of four colorways: Lime Delight, Concrete Pulse, Brass Relish and Cinder Craze.

Both the Silestone Le Chic and Urban Crush collections continue Cosentino’s mission of industry-leading eco-friendly production, as they are manufactured with the brand’s patented HybriQ+® technology, using 99% reused water and 100% renewable energy and incorporating a minimum of 20% recycled raw materials in its composition.

Silestone is an incredibly resilient and high-performing surface. At almost zero porosity, it’s resistant to moisture, stains & acid, as well as scratches and impacts, making it ideal for bathroom and kitchen applications that honor function and style.

The new Le Chic collection can be discovered here, Urban Crush here, and both can be found in person via Cosentino’s store locator.

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