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CostCertified Launches Payments Feature

Construction estimating software company offers new service to streamline payments for contractors.

CostCertified, a state-of-the-art construction estimating software company, has recently launched a new payments feature. The new feature, CostCertified Payments, will provide contractors with the ability to invoice and receive payments all within the estimating platform.

CostCertified Invoicing Process Comparison

Contractors often struggle to get paid on time which can lead to considerable cash-flow problems and cause them to cover expenses out of pocket. CostCertified Payments was created in order to help contractors go from proposal to payment with just a few clicks, without having to go back and forth with their customers. This brings in a familiar online shopping experience to other e-commerce sites. Contractors can save time on invoicing by receiving payments directly through the estimating platform, eliminating the need for expensive third-party software or a trip to the bank. Customer payment information is confidential and secure, and the status is automatically updated to notify the contractor when payment is successfully processed and deposited into their bank account.

“We are very excited to launch this new feature and provide contractors with quicker payment abilities through our software,” said Michael Bignold, CEO and Founder of CostCertified. “CostCertified Payments will transform collecting payments into an automated built-in process that will save you and your team hours every week.”

CostCertified is one of the fastest growing companies in North America. The platform is available to customers, contractors, and subcontractors. The latest feature serves to transform the process of financial statements from having to physically revise spreadsheets to advancing the action through the use of tools in the digital world.

About CostCertified
CostCertified is a construction estimating software company that enables the consumer to buy construction services with the same, rich e-commerce experience they are used to when buying other goods and services online. The contractor is able to provide interactive quotes in minutes and for the first time, consumers can choose all their selections, finishes, and options, while seeing their price change instantly. CostCertified is a nimble product-centric company that values excellence and continuous improvement. Accelerating growth and delivering transformative value-add to their customers is a priority. For more information please visit

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