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Going Green: Earth-Friendly Products for Fabricators

By Sarah Peiper

These days, sustainability should be in the framework of any successful company. The betterment of our communities and the health of our environment depend on every business, no matter how big or how small, taking responsibility for how they work and contributing to a better planet. There are all kinds of companies, materials, tools and solutions for the decorative surfacing industry that can help you achieve sustainability goals. Here are 12 products to consider for your shop.

BACA Systems’ PURE Water Filtration System
BACA Systems PURE Water Filter SystemPURE is a water filtration system that removes stone particulate, so gray water can be recycled and reused in cutting. PURE Systems are available in varying sizes to meet the shop’s needs, filtering from 80 gpm to 320 gpm.

The PURE System pumps dirty water from a collection pit by a heavy-duty, seal-less pump to a centrifugal separator, where solids are filtered to 40 micron. The water is further filtered to approximately 10 micron through a series of hydrocyclones. Solids are collected in a sludge hopper and settling weir, both of which are lined with removable bags for easy disposal. The filtered water enters a holding tank before a horizontal pump delivers the water back to the shop at 75 psi. Additional features can be added to the PURE System. Learn more at www.bacasystems.com/baca-pure.

Durat Sustainable Solid Surface – B.lue Collection
Durat is a unique solid surface material that creates colorful, durable counters, furniture, sinks and tubs. Durat recently launched a brand-new collection of five colors, all in shades of blue! Durat surfaces are nonporous and show no seams, making them easy to keep clean, and they last a long time. Durat consists of up to 28% recycled hard plastics diverted from the waste stream and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life through Durat’s take-back program. Durat is made in multiple international locations but can be made in the U.S. for projects seeking to localize their procurement. Durat sheets are typically 114 inches by 32 inches but can also be customized for maximizing yield and minimizing waste. For more information about Durat or to request a fan deck of all pigment options, please contact info@caragreen.com.

Durat Sustainable Solid Surface

Float Frame Brackets
Float Frame BracketsFloat Frame Countertop Support Brackets are made in the U.S. using steel, a highly recycled and recyclable material. They use post and stud brace technology to provide one of the highest carrying capacities available in counter support applications, eliminating the need for excessive mullions and decorative millwork to disguise the brackets. The fastening configuration allows easy installation using a clamping format that securely and seamlessly supports large overhangs. These cantilevered brackets are ideal for ADA-compliant designs, freeing up valuable floor space and increasing clearance under the counter. Brackets are available in two styles: Straight Arm (16.5 inches or 22.5 inches in length) and Low Profile (10 inches, 16 inches or 22 inches in length). With a weight capacity of 750 pounds, Float Frame Brackets can be combined with any surfacing material to create the free-floating look you desire for countertops, shelving, storage, work benches and more. For more information or to order brackets, please contact info@caragreen.com.

Gilasi Engineered Recycled Glass Stone
Gilasi’s surfaces are made of recycled glass and a VOC-free epoxy resin, carefully engineered for superior performance. Gilasi offers two standard lines of nonporous solid surface: one with large glass aggregate that creates a terrazzo aesthetic and one with very tiny glass aggregate that creates a monochromatic look. In addition to the 20 standard colors, Gilasi can create custom recycled glass surfaces, allowing customers to specify the colors and sizes of glass used. Gilasi goes above and beyond when it comes to sustainable commitments. The material uses locally sourced glass, has a Declare label, is 100% recyclable through Gilasi’s take-back program, and the company is a Green America Certified Business and purchases carbon offsets for all its production energy consumption and employee commuting. For samples or more information, visit www.caragreen.com/brands/gilasi/.

Gilasi Engineered Recycled Glass Stone

elementAl Recycled
elementAl Recycled Solid SurfaceSolid Surface elementAl acrylic surfaces are made in Buffalo, New York. Made with up to 93% recycled content, these highly thermoformable sheets are a solution to the massive amounts of industrial waste, with over 100 pounds of plastic diverted from landfill in every sheet. The manufacturing process repurposes hard plastics and metal scraps from the post-industrial waste stream into a versatile designer surface. The material comes in two collections of semi-translucent colors and is now offered in thicknesses up to one inch. elementAl LIGHT is 93% recycled acrylic by weight, one of the highest percentages in the industry, and does not include any metal. elementAl Heavy is 87% recycled content by weight. This collection introduces pins and shaving of aluminum, copper and brass into the colorful acrylic. The material is excellent for backlighting, thermoforming and furniture, in addition to traditional vertical and horizontal surfacing applications. For more information, visit www.caragreen.com/brands/elemental/.

GEOS Recycled Glass Surfaces
Pre- and post-consumer recycled glass are combined to create GEOS Surfaces, a unique surface with superior strength and remarkable beauty. GEOS is a nonporous, durable recycled glass surface that performs, fabricates and installs like engineered stone. Combined with proprietary resin binders, GEOS Recycled Glass Surfaces do not require sealing. GEOS surfaces are available in several unique color combinations and are suitable for both commercial and residential applications searching for a terrazzo countertop look and a recycled backstory. GEOS is low maintenance, nonporous, easy to clean, and does not require sealing. GEOS Surfaces are a fun way to make your countertops the central design element. Get a quote or samples today by contacting info@caragreen.com.

GEOS Recycled Glass Surfaces

Kirei Board
Kirei BoardKirei Board is a lightweight and durable sheet product made from reclaimed sorghum stalks. Sorghum stalks are a byproduct of the food industry that is often burned or thrown into landfills. Kirei Board turns what would be waste into a dynamic sheet good with a linear pattern that emphasizes the natural beauty of the product. The panels are a great substitute for wood in furniture, cabinetry, casework, signage and wall panels. Kirei Board mills and finishes much like wood. The panels come unfinished but can be finished with nearly all standard wood finishes for a glossy or nonporous surface. Use VOC-free products to retain the product’s natural, healthy and sustainable characteristics. For more information, contact info@caragreen.com.

Lapitec Silica-Free Surfacing
Lapitec Silica-Free SurfacingLapitec is the only true sintered stone, using innovative technology to create large-format slabs from only minerals. Based in Italy, the company has always been dedicated to finding the best solutions for performance with the lowest impact. Lapitec does not use any resins or glues to bind its proprietary mineral mix into a durable scratch-, stain- and weather-resistant surface. All colors and textures of Lapitec are now 100% crystalline silica-free, prioritizing the health and safety of workers in the industry. Since Lapitec is all minerals, the colors and patterns are not printed but are created using the minerals and are consistent throughout the body of the material. Lapitec is an incredibly versatile material that creates sleek indoor and outdoor kitchen elements, flooring, cladding and furniture. The variety of surface textures ranges from high-gloss Lux to nonslip Vesuvio. For more information, visit www.lapitec.com.

PaperStone Recycled Paper Composite
Manufactured in Washington state, PaperStone products are certified to sustainable forestry standards and certified food safe by NSF International. All of the paper used in this product is post-consumer recycled paper layered and pressed into “stone” using resin made from industrial byproducts that would otherwise go into the waste stream, and have been specially designed to produce a hardwood-like, nonbrittle composite panel. PaperStone is both durable and easy to install. You can cut and finish PaperStone panels with standard woodworking tools and refinish them for a long-lasting surface. PaperStone offers a warm alternative to stone and quartz and is a great choice for homes, restaurants, office buildings and other commercial spaces. Panels come in a variety of colors, styles and sizes, so you create exactly what you need for your next earth-conscious project. For more information, visit www.paperstoneproducts.com.

PaperStone Recycled Paper Composite

Silestone by Cosentino
HybriQ+ Technology for the manufacturing of Silestone is a true testament to Cosentino’s commitment to sustainability and taking care of the present to protect the future. HybriQ+ Technology is a high-performance blend of premium minerals, quartz, and recycled materials produced with 100% renewable electric energy and 99% recycled water. HybriQ+ is the result of four years of research and development, and it represents a $12+ million investment and 1,200 hours of laboratory and facility testing.

Silestone Cosentino Quartz Kitchen

“We want our customers to feel confident that they are getting the best of the best not only from a quality and design perspective but also from an environmental standpoint, and we’re not afraid to take risks to push the industry forward,” said Eduardo Cosentino, executive vice president of global sales and CEO of Cosentino North America.

Silestone sets a new standard for the industry, propelling us toward a more sustainable future. Learn more at www.cosentino.com/usa/silestone/hybriq-technology.

Corian Design – A Responsible Choice
Corian Design offers a wide portfolio of beautiful, on-trend designs that are harmonious with human health and the environment. The company is innovating to reduce waste and incorporate post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content. The Corian Solid Surface portfolio includes a variety of high-recycled content aesthetics, including the new Artista colors. Corian Endura High Performance Porcelain is made from 100% natural minerals and clays. The North American manufacturing facilities are zero waste, and electricity comes from renewable energy sources.

Corian surfaces are GREENGUARD Gold certified and contribute toward LEED points. In alignment with the AIA Materials Pledge, they’re NSF certified, UL certified as mold resistant and do not contain BPA. A low-VOC material, Corian is free from dangerous chemicals, which supports better indoor air quality. The Corian Design portfolio allows for beautiful and safe interiors with sustainability as a top priority. To learn more, visit www.corian.com.

LT-2D3D by Laser Products Industries (LPI)
Practice sustainability by going digital with the LT-2D3D from LPI. Eliminate waste from used wood, paper or plastic templates and go paperless by creating digital template files. Did you know that many wood templates cannot be recycled due to glue and adhesives? Get more usage out of slabs with the accuracy of digital templating and nesting capabilities to reduce landfill waste and prevent costly reworks and in-field modifications.

Laser Products Industries Laser TemplatorWith a digital templator, you can reduce gas consumption, emissions and your company’s overall carbon footprint by minimizing the need to travel back and forth between job sites and the shop, by emailing files back to the shop or by uploading files to cloud storage. You can downsize to smaller, more fuel-efficient cars with the compact nature of the LT-2D3D and eliminate large physical templates, supplies and tools. To learn more about the LT-2D3D Laser Templator and its environmental benefits, please visit www.laserproductsus.com.


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