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Hyundai L&C USA Launches New Collection at KBIS 2023

Hyundai L&C USA recently introduced its new HanStone and Hanex designs to the global market through North America’s biggest kitchen & bath exhibition, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS).

Hyundai L&C Matterhorn
Hyundai L&C: Matterhorn

Hyundai L&C USA has set its central theme as “EarthArt” along with the booth concept of an art theatre. The company displayed 12 new colors, including HanStone’s newest collection: Opimo, Bianco Marquina series, and two new solid surface colors by Hanex: Venato series.

Hyundai L&C: Le Blanc
Hyundai L&C: Le Blanc

KBIS 2023 was the first trade show Hyundai L&C USA exhibited after implementing the newest technology, which allowed the company to produce quartzite-looking patterns on quartz. With the technology, Hyundai L&C USA was able to design the Opimo collection presenting layered patterns and wave patterns mostly seen on natural stones. Similarly, the company blended premium marble’s elegance with nature’s dynamic beauty to create a modern and confident design: Bianco Marquina series. As the new products show very similar patterns to the high-end natural stones but have higher stain/scratch resistance and durability, the company expects the products to substitute the demand for quartzites.

Hyundai L&C Odina
Hyundai L&C Odina

Last year, Hyundai L&C USA activated its second HanStone production line in Sejong, Korea, enlarging its production scale to the fourth in the global engineered stone market. Along with the enhanced brand awareness and the newest technology, Hyundai L&C USA seeks to take a step further and expand its accounts in North America through the competitiveness of HanStone’s upgraded premium lineup and become one of the top 5 global manufacturers.

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