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IMS USA Partners With Cape Fear Manufacturing Partnership To Build Future Manufacturing Workforce

Looking to attract high school students to the wide diversity of career paths in manufacturing as an alternative to four years of college, the Cape Fear Manufacturing Partnership (CFMP) was created to help train, develop and match talented students with the manufacturing base in Southeastern North Carolina. Drawn by the mission of the group and how it could affect the stone, glass, wood and aerospace industries, representatives from IMS USA recently attended the group’s first high school job fair.

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“We are impressed with the partnership commitment in reducing the distance among companies that share the same interests, goals, needs,” said Emanuele Porro, IMS USA CEO. “Being more involved in the local manufacturing community is part of our process of growth in the Wilmington area.”

CNC machining job fair training manufacturingAlthough IMS USA does not manufacture in Wilmington and they do not face the same issues as the manufacturers, they do know that keeping the industries’ workforce strong is important to the group as that directly impacts their own business.

“IMS USA is proud to support the Cape Fear Manufacturing Partnership and their initiative to showcase the manufacturing communities’ opportunities to the next generation,” said Wayne Rush, national sales manager for IMS USA.

The CFMP is a group of almost 50 local manufacturers in the area that came together to address some of the common issues faced by all. Chief among those issues is the attraction and retention of staff for the various industries. A variety of ongoing initiatives are geared toward changing the conversation about manufacturing jobs in this country and making people aware of the career possibilities companies like theirs offer. Among those initiatives are career fairs and making regular appearances at schools and other events centered around manufacturing themes.

“One thing I’m particularly proud of is our Manufacturing Summer Camp Program, kicking off at all three regional Community Colleges (Cape Fear, Brunswick and Southeastern) this coming summer,” said James Flock, MA Group, one of the leading members of CFMP. “We also work with the colleges in designing training programs for current and incoming staff, among other things.”

Specializing in landing gear for the aerospace industry, the MA Group manufactures sophisticated and technically demanding landing gear components for both military and commercial aircraft at their Leland, NC facility.

“These components require a great deal of skill and training to manufacture, and MA Group is very aware of the obstacles we face in finding talent,” said Flock. “The company is extremely supportive of my activities on behalf of the partnership.”

For more information, visit the CFMP’s website:

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