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Introducing C·Bath: Cosentino’s Comprehensive Commitment to Reimagined Bathroom Design

Leading the charge in the realm of luxury bathroom experiences, the surfacing leader is inspiring designers to achieve innovative bathroom solutions.

Cosentino Group, the Spanish global leader in the production and distribution of innovative and sustainable surfaces for the world of architecture and design, launches its most ambitious venture to date in the bathroom space — C·Bath — a comprehensive approach to reimagining the bathroom through design and technology. C·Bath will take shape in a new content design hub featuring The Bathelier and C·Bath Studio, which serve as resources and points of inspiration for interior design professionals. The Bathelier is a unique concept that showcases renowned designer collections that interpret the bathrooms of the future, while C·Bath Studio provides timeless Cosentino-designed spaces for any style, thanks to the brand’s extensive portfolio of materials and products.

“C·Bath is meant to inspire and spark creativity when it comes to bathroom design,” said Patty Dominguez, vice president of architecture and design sales. “As a leader in the industry, we are always looking for ways to connect with our designers and stay ahead of trends. This initiative uses our most trusted design partners to create a hub for the ever-changing bathroom design-scape featuring our latest products and technologies that can be seamlessly integrated to function in any space. With C·Bath, Cosentino is further elevated as a one-stop shop for bathroom materials.”

Influencing the world of design beyond countertops, C·Bath takes full advantage of the versatility of Cosentino’s surfaces and applications to transform the bathroom into a space of well-being and comfort and a sanctuary that is undergoing a process of both functional and decorative change. Through C·Bath, Cosentino aims to embody the importance of bathroom design in terms of both aesthetics and performance through the integration of innovative materials and the latest in surfacing technology.

The Bathelier | An Exclusive Concept

The Bathelier is a tailored bathroom experience where art, functionality and design go hand in hand. This unique C·Bath feature showcases exclusive bathroom design concepts created by prestigious designers from all over the world including: Remy Meijers, Claudia Afshar, Daniel Germani, Colin Seah and MUT Design.

A portfolio of experience-oriented spaces with unique shapes and evocative textures, The Bathelier takes advantage of all the possibilities and versatility of state-of-the-art Silestone, Dekton and Sensa by Cosentino surfaces.

C·Bath Studio | Cosentino’s Own Vision

Within the C·Bath Studio Cosentino provides its own sophisticated bathroom designs incorporating elements from its portfolio of popular surfaces and products. C·Bath Studio will include everything from wall and floor cladding in balanced formats, colors and textures, to countertops, luxury wash basins and shower trays.

“Majestic” by C·Bath Studio
“Majestic” by C·Bath Studio

Between the beauty and high-performance properties of Silestone and the durability and versatility of Dekton, the C·Bath Studio is a well-rounded solution of stunning and functional designs for every style. C·Bath Studio designs come with an array of ready-to-use elements such as the Evita, Marie or Elegance wash basin models from Silestone, shower trays such as Wakka by Silestone or Gocce by Dekton, as well as large slab formats in innovative 4 mm Slim or Grip+.

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About Cosentino Group
Cosentino Group is a global family-owned company that produces and distributes high-value innovative surfaces for architecture and design. As a leading company, Cosentino imagines and anticipates, together with its customers and partners, design solutions that offer value and inspiration to people’s lives. This goal is made possible by pioneering brands that are leaders in their respective segments such as Silestone®, Dekton and Sensa by Cosentino.

The group bases its development on international expansion, an innovative research and development program, respect for the environment and sustainability, and its ongoing corporate commitment to society and the local communities where it operates, education, equality, and health and safety.

Cosentino Group currently distributes its products and brands in more than 110 countries, from its headquarters in Almeria (Spain), and it’s present with its own assets in 30 of them. The group has eight factories (seven in Almería, Spain and one in Brazil), one intelligent logistic platform in Spain, and 140 commercial and business units throughout the world. More than 90% of Cosentino Group’s financial turnover comes from international markets. For more information visit

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