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Introducing Inifinity by Garnica, Ready-To-Use Digitally Printed Decorative Hardwood Panels

Global sustainable plywood manufacturer unveils its newest digital print technology.

Garnica, a world leader in manufacturing premium sustainable plywood, is pleased to announce the release of its latest digital print technology – Infinity by Garnica. This innovative solution that creates ready-to-use, digitally printed, decorative hardwood panels, was officially unveiled at the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) in Atlanta.

Infinity by Garnica

Infinity by Garnica is our newest digital print technology. It recreates the most in-demand veneer grades and applies them over our premium poplar plywood platform, providing customers a sustainable, cost-effective solution with high-end, consistent surface quality,” said Alfonso Muñoz, chief sales and marketing officer at Garnica.

Infinity by Garnica

John Stangel, sales manager North America at Garnica continued: “Decorative finishes are what define a space. We [were] thrilled to launch this revolutionary technology at IWF, enabling North American architects, designers and builders to create patterned finishes of their choice and develop endless possibilities for furniture, décor, wall-fittings, cabinetry and much more without harming the environment. Any existing wood veneer or customized design can be printed, the only possible limit is imagination!”

About Garnica
Established in 1941 as a sawmill in La Rioja, Spain, Garnica is a pioneer in the development of innovative ways to manage and use natural resources responsibly and intelligently. They are a leader in the manufacturing of exceptional plywood solutions, serving the needs of our more than 600 clients in 45 countries. Garnica has grown considerably since its early days, it employs 1,200 people and has seven factories with production standards that revolve around sustainability. Garnica supports sustainable plantations as a source of raw materials for its products and is always in search of excellence while steadily progressing. Offering a wide range of products, Garnica is the global benchmark for plywood panel production in the industry. 

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