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Invention Relieves Housing Crunch in Desirable Birmingham Neighborhoods

AnotherStory allows homeowners to build a second story without moving.

As real estate in Birmingham’s desirable zip codes becomes unobtanium, there is pressure on residents to deal with their changing needs. Many are cramped in smaller, outdated homes due to the growth of their families. Others are feeling the squeeze due to working from home.

That’s where architects and long-time friends Ben Strout and Logan Powell are stepping up to the challenge with their company, AnotherStory.

AnotherStory began as Strout’s daydream but was born out of a nightmare scenario. A client hired him to add a second level to his home when things didn’t go as planned. “It was a nightmare. We removed the existing roof system; it started raining and didn’t stop. We were following the status quo process. It wasn’t working.” The rain had ruined the home’s interior by the time it was over. It cost Strout and his company a lot to fix, but that situation also planted the seed for AnotherStory.

As the saying goes: necessity is the mother of invention. “We knew there had to be a better way to tackle this challenge,” Strout said. “That’s when the wheels started turning.”

Home Builder Construction Job Site Labor ShortageStrout got to work. He looked for existing solutions but found none that satisfied his demanding standards. So, he invented a method (patent-pending) to add a second story to a home while the homeowners continue living, uninterrupted, underneath.

“We have figured out a way to build another story onto your home—without you having to move out. We now have proven our process works. As a result, our clients are happier than ever,” Powell said. “You’ll have more space to continue living the life you’ve built, all without the disruption, mess, and stress of a typical renovation.”

Some sellers struggle as they try to trade for a larger home in their neighborhoods. Inventory is scarce. AnotherStory allows them to add space conveniently. Powell says, “Building a second-story addition this way is easier than any other method of adding additional square footage. In addition, schedules and costs are more predictable.”

Where there is scarcity, there is also opportunity. Current housing market conditions provide a tailwind for homeowners considering such additions. Government and Industry reports show that median home sales prices are up 30% from 2018 nationwide. In addition, sales prices have risen by even greater numbers in neighborhoods like this. That means many homeowners are equity rich. As the real estate market has driven prices up, homeowners can take advantage of the equity in their homes to add a second story and continue to increase value for the future. AnotherStory is a cost-effective way to make this happen.

Building house plans stock image“We look forward to changing the face of our local market and giving homeowners the option to stay in a place they love while giving them space to breathe,” Strout said. “Don’t move out. Move on up!”

“We are planning to start in Birmingham, but our method will be a welcome solution to communities across the country in similar situations,” Powell added. “We want to help growing families and people taking advantage of work-from-home scenarios; even people looking to generate rental income. Our process allows your home to evolve with your lifestyle.”

About AnotherStory
AnotherStory is an innovative design/build company that has invented a process to build a second story on a home without breaching the first. AnotherStory can take your existing home and add another level while you and your family remain uninterrupted below. They have multiple ongoing Homewood projects but plan to serve Mountain Brook and Hoover later this year. 

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