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IPSA Partners with Doyle Farris to Distribute Ninja Adhesives

IPS Adhesives (IPSA), a global manufacturer of structural and surfacing adhesive products, today announced a new collaboration with Doyle Farris to distribute Ninja Adhesives to surfacing fabricators in North America.

IPS Adhesives Integra Ninja Bond countertopsThis new collaboration between IPS Adhesives and Doyle Farris will bring the benefit of a streamlined distribution process and accelerated two-day lead times of Ninja Glue to fabricators across the United States. It will enhance the accessibility of Ninja Glue for customers through large market distribution.

“I am excited that this partnership will bring IPSA to the front line of fabricators and help them create a better end-product for their customers,” said Scott McDowell, IPSA president.

“The mix of standard and customized colors, along with ease of availability through a new agreed operational model is what our customers have been asking for,” added Eddie Kallman from Doyle Farris.

Doyle Farris is the manufacturer and distributor of Bellavati acrylic Solid Surface sheet materials, solid surface sinks and lavatories. It is partnering with Lotte Staron to bring the Staron solid surface brand to a broader audience across the U.S. market. It is now the official distributor for Staron solid surface coast to coast.

Ninja Glue uses methyl methacrylate and hybrid technology to bond solid surface, natural stone, granite, porcelain and much more. Ninja Glue is ideal for Bellavati and Lotte Staron solid surfaces, offering exact color matches to their wide range of designs, ensuring a seamless finish to surfaces for healthcare, wall cladding, columns, food applications and various other design elements.

About IPS Adhesives
Ninja Glue is a brand of IPS Adhesives, a leading provider of adhesives serving the surfacing, structural and assembly industries. With a combined 65 years of expertise in research and development, our products are recognized by OEM’s and fabricators globally for their premium quality, strength, and reliability. IPS Adhesives has three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities on two continents and a broad network of distributors serving countries worldwide. Visit for details.

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