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Lapitec and UGM Surfaces Join Together for the Midwest Market

Sintered stone enters the portfolio of the largest distributor of surfaces in the midwest thanks to its unique technical characteristics and the recent move to silica-free production.

From the company’s collaboration with The Cultural Landscape Foundation for the enhancement and protection of landscapes through architecture to inclusion in the Material Bank digital library, Lapitec‘s activities in the United States have become increasingly significant and frequent, bearing testimony to the company’s confidence in the US market.

Lapitec's Headquarters
Lapitec’s Headquarters

As part of this policy of internationalization and consolidation of its position in North America, a strategic collaboration has been initiated with UGM Surfaces, one of the largest suppliers of natural stone in the United States, with locations in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Milwaukee, St. Louis and Omaha.

UGM Surfaces, always attentive to market developments and technological advances in the field of surfaces for architecture and decor, has found the unique characteristics of sintered stone to be ideal for the professional market in the architecture and interior design sector. Lapitec is a high-performance material, which thanks to its nonporous surface and its full-body composition can be used both internally and externally, from ventilated facades to roofs, swimming pools, coverings, kitchen worktops and tables. It is also free from crystalline silica and made exclusively with natural materials without the use of additives. It is able to withstand thermal and climatic changes, UV rays, impacts and scratches and combats the formation of mold and bacteria on its surface.

Lapitec Exterior Application Sintered Stone

“With over 500,000 sq. ft. of showroom spaces and over 4,500 sq. ft. of surfaces shipped every single day, UGM Surfaces is the ideal partner to promote our material in the Midwest,” commented Francesco Giannini, Lapitec’s US country manager. “They understand the potential of Lapitec perfectly, the application possibilities, and above all, the intrinsic qualities that distinguish it from porcelain, quartz and natural stone. We have something unique on our hands and we are proud of the results we are achieving in North America: results that bring us ever closer to the official inauguration of the Lapitec US division.”

Lapitec Interior Application Sintered Stone

What is Lapitec?

Lapitec is made from a mixture of natural minerals which is first melted at 1,580°C, and then subjected to a patented vacuum vibro-compression technology. It is available in large slabs and combines the best qualities and benefits of ceramics, porcelain stoneware, quartz, marble and granite. Lapitec is a “full-body” material: the exterior and interior are identical, without enamel and digital printing on the surface. This feature allows Lapitec to be machined across its full thickness while ensuring consistent appearance and performance. It is also easy to work with and is used in architecture, interior design and product design. Free of porosity, it is resistant to heat and frost, UV rays and scratches. It is nonabsorbent and is resistant to dirt, mold and bacteria. Lapitec also stands the test of time and is not susceptible to atmospheric and domestic agents. Cleaning does not reveal any degeneration. The original appearance is maintained.

About Lapitec

Lapitec was born in Veneto in 1989 from an entrepreneurial idea of Marcello Toncelli. After more than 20 years of scientific research, testing and certifications, it is now marketed in over 70 countries worldwide. Lapitec is 100% made in Italy and has a sustainable focus, in regards to both the raw materials used and the stages of the production process. The technological partnership with parent company Breton, a world leader in the production of plants for machining stone materials and natural agglomerates, guarantees the reliability of the production chain, creating a product with unique performance qualities. For more information, visit

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