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Lapitec Presents New Shades in the Musa Collection

With through-vein and entirely silica free, the Italian company’s new launches further enhance the latest collection of sintered stone

Musa has experimented with new aesthetics and now offers additional expressive options in Bianco Atena, Bianco Giulia and Bianco Venere, presented as concept colors at Cersaie 2021.

Lapitec Musa Collection Sintered Stone Manufactured Surface

The three new products complement the existing Bianco Vittoria, Bianco Elettra and Bianco Aurora shades and offer, in an ascending gradation, three vein thickness variations with a heterogeneous decoration, highlighted in contrasting shades of grey on the white base. The subtle through-vein in Bianco Atena becomes more consistent in Bianco Giulia, finally obtaining greater body in Bianco Venere. The three new launches are available in thicknesses of 12, 20 and 30 mm, and can be customized in the Lithos, Lux and Satin finishes like the rest of the collection.

Lapitec Musa Collection Sintered Stone Manufactured Surface

Musa is totally free of crystalline silica and retains the technical features of sintered stone: its full-body characteristic means it is identical throughout, giving it broad versatility in the design of flooring, walls, facades and the cladding of kitchen and bathroom tops. In the case of boreholes, cuts and any special machining, the Lapitec slabs retain their characteristic across their thickness. Musa is made from a mix of 100% natural materials and is free of resins, paints and petroleum derivatives. Resistant to scratches, sudden temperature changes and chemicals, it is easy to clean thanks to its nonporous surface that is inhospitable to bacteria and mold, and can be used in direct contact with water, including saltwater.

What is Lapitec?

Lapitec is made from a mixture of natural minerals which is first melted at 1,580°C, and then subjected to a patented vacuum vibro-compression technology. It is available in large slabs and combines the best qualities and benefits of ceramics, porcelain stoneware, quartz, marble and granite. Lapitec is a full-body material: the exterior and interior are identical, without enamel and digital printing on the surface. This feature allows Lapitec to be machined across its full thickness while ensuring consistent appearance and performance. It is also easy to work with and is used in architecture, interior design and product design. Free of porosity, it is resistant to heat and frost, UV rays and scratches. It is non-absorbent and is resistant to dirt, mold and bacteria. Lapitec also stands the test of time and is not susceptible to atmospheric and domestic agents. Cleaning does not reveal any degeneration. The original appearance is maintained.

Lapitec Musa Collection Sintered Stone Manufactured Surface

About Lapitec
Lapitec was born in Veneto in 1989 from an entrepreneurial idea of Marcello Toncelli. After more than 20 years of scientific research, testing and certifications, it is now marketed in over 70 countries worldwide. Lapitec is 100% Made in Italy and has a sustainable focus, as regards both the raw materials used and the stages of the production process.

The technological partnership with parent company Breton, a world leader in the production of plants for machining stone materials and natural agglomerates, guarantees the reliability of the production chain, creating a product with unique performance qualities. For more information, visit

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