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Learn the Art of Selling

Alison Mullins, a stone and construction industry veteran, is now offering customized sales training based on her book, “The Art of Selling.” The book’s launch is set for August 30. Mullins’ seminars and boot camps are geared toward businesses looking to improve employee skills in the areas of sales and business development.

Alison Mullins, Rep Methods
Alison Mullins, Rep Methods

“Our Coaching Boot Camp is designed to help your sales and business development squad implement skills required to change the current outcome of your revenue stream,” said Mullins. “Our powerful, reliable, motivational program will change the way your team functions on a daily basis, resulting in increased profits.”

With more than 20 years in sales, merchandising and marketing, Mullins’ background includes being past president of the Virginia State Chapter of the National Kitchen and Bath Association and she is a member of the International Surface Fabricators Association. She is a national speaker for the National Stone Institute and is the founder and lead consultant of Rep Methods in Richmond, Va., which focuses on the relationship between surfaces – natural stone and other materials – and fashion. Mullins is scheduled to speak at NKBA on August 17, at the Artisan Group on September 11 and at All Slab Fabbers on October 27. A full speaking schedule will be posted later this month, including possible appearances at TISE, KBIS and COVERINGS.

Her seminars and boot camps are based on a 12-week method customizable for any group from teams to one-on-one training. Mullins offers a wide variety of choices, from one to 30 days and even up to 120 days. The seminars and boot camps can be further customized for the number of employees for companies of any size. Every aspect of the sales process is covered, from lead management and brand ownership to identifying new targets and developing expertise. She offers online classes for CEU credits as well as keynote speaker services.

Mullins is also passionate about helping women and girls succeed in the industry. It is no secret that a college education was, for so many years, the gold standard for creating a lasting, fruitful career. This left the typical blue-collar jobs with fewer and fewer people interested in learning their trade. Mullins knows that these industries, like many others, are losing more workers every year than they can gain back through simple aging out. Appealing to the other half of the working world – the women – can help bridge this gap.

Mullins believes that this is where the trades can benefit. Although some jobs do require a college degree, many do not. These industries benefit from on-the-job training which is crucial to success. She is involved with a camp for girls that is addressing this issue head-on.  The National Association of Women in Construction sponsors a 5-day camp for girls interested in construction and related industries. Mullins spent time this summer volunteering at the NAWIC 2023 camp in Richmond, Va.

“Alison has been such a critical part of our team – engaged, creative, high energy and a team player,” said Camp NAWIC’s Alexandra Crawford. “She brings a unique perspective to the group from her varied experiences in the industry. Our projects have benefited from her involvement, and she would be a great asset to any team she finds herself on.”

Interested in booking a boot camp now? Reserve a 30-day slot today by emailing or calling 804.552.5538. For those interested in reading Mullins’ book pre-launch, please visit The Book | Rep Methods and sign up for a discounted copy with the launch team.

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