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Meet the Curious Collection, the Latest Drop from Durasein

Durasein makes solid surface for people with big, bendy, twisty ideas. The company’s founders love getting involved, influencing production and dreaming up new applications for surfaces. “This might sound crazy…” is their favorite brief.

As solid surface people, creativity runs through its core, driving the work they do every day. Nice to the environment, nicer to your budget. Durasein is helping creativity flow in over 55 countries.

Durasein’s Curious Collection is a solid-surface material made up of two-thirds alumina trihydrate (derived from bauxite, a natural ore) and one-third high-performance, 100 percent acrylic resin and pigments. Due to this high mineral content, the material is very dense and “stone-like,” but can be fabricated with standard woodworking tools and is completely thermoformable.

The material can be shaped into countertops, walls, curving organic shapes or 3D structures. All Durasein surfaces are antibacterial, making them an ideal surface for high-use areas in public spaces. The surfacing materials are also resistant to mold and mildew, along with being food safe, nontoxic, nonporous and low VOC.


Durasein Clover Curious Collection Solid Surface

Feeling lucky? Freshen up your space with Clover, in this soft leafy neutral plucked straight from a spring meadow. Made of hard wearing material that’s beautiful, durable, and easy to work, this solid surface can be shaped into seamless countertops, sweeping walls, curving organic shapes, 3D structures, and whatever other magical spaces you can conjure. And like everything else made at t Durasein, it’s backed by a team of pros who are here to help your creativity thrive.

Wild West

Durasein Solid Surface Wild West Curious Collection

True grit meets giddyup-and-go. A burnished palomino-colored solid surface material is not only gorgeous, it’s a real workhorse in the studio. Put it through its paces: from seamless expanses to undulating walls, countertops, and freestanding structures, it’s eager to go, delivering stunning aesthetics and the solid performance you need to stand up to harsh conditions—indoors and out.


Durasein Solid Surface Rugged

Don’t let its flawless surface fool you. Rugged is tough as nails—and eager to push your creative boundaries. Inspired by the colors of cool clay and forest trails, Durasein solid surfaces can take the shape of seamless walls and countertops, lines and curves, 3D sculptures, and other organically inspired environments, all while resisting scratches, dents, microbes, and more.


Durasein Bohemian Solid Surface

Looking for a material that’ll set your creative spirit free? Check out Bohemian, equal parts velvet and incense. This smoky hue is ready to play the plum role in your next production. Imagine walls, counters, free-standing objects and more, all rendered in the enticing dusky tones of this easy-to-work material. Any shape, any scale—nothing’s off-limits with our solid surface, engineered with care and backed by Durasein.

This collection is available by special order only. For more information, please contact

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