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New Colors & Materials for 2022

From solid surface to quartz and everything in between, here’s what’s on-trend this year.

Antolini’s Cristallo Roots 

Antolini Cristallo Roots

Antolini’s newest member of the Exclusive Collection is Cristallo Roots. The grounding hues of this natural quartz intertwine with exciting veins which connect across the surface like the very namesake of this stone: the roots beneath the earth. The pleasantly riveting aesthetic of this material emits a universal energy as if displaying the divine connection among all aspects of life. Through colors, patterns and immaculate design, this stone brings forth oneness in the most beautiful of displays — and can be backlit to further intensify the melodic effects of this harmonious material. Antolini’s carefully selected natural stone designs each stand for unconstrained stylistic freedom. With worldwide exclusivity over the most astonishing materials and sole access to the quarries, Antolini is able to offer the most desired and recognizable natural masterpieces in multiple finishes through a network of distributors and partners. Driven by unbound curiosity and passion, Antolini brings Mother Nature’s finest creations to light. For more information, visit www.antolini.com.

The Pebbles Collection by Caesarstone 

Caesarstone Pebbles Collection

A pebble is a symbol of constant creation. Shaped by the ceaseless force of the wind and flow of water, caressed by the passing of time over vast distances, every pebble is one of a kind, a handful of nature that you can hold. It makes the greatness of the world more tangible. The Pebbles Collection by Caesarstone embodies the bigger essence of these small stones, crafted into five organic designs that celebrate never-ending transformation. A palette of warm, dynamic monochromes is laced with softer hues and enriched by distinctive textures that are inspired by the everlasting path of the pebble, bringing the blessings of sunlight and rain into the heart of the home. Wyndigo, pictured here, has warm, earthy gradients washed over a soft greige surface veined with foamy-grays, capturing a pebble’s two-toned mottled patina that is accentuated by honed finish for an authentic presence. To see more of the Pebbles Collection, visit www.caesarstone.com.

Corian Design’s Carrara Crema & Carrara Lino 

Corian Design Carrara Aesthetics solid surface

Corian Design creates advanced surfacing materials for interior and exterior commercial and residential applications. Its products meet the most demanding requirements in terms of beauty, functionality and durability. Its global portfolio currently includes Corian Solid Surface, Corian Quartz and Corian Endura.

With availability in multiple thicknesses, sheet sizes and finishes, you can provide custom fabricated, thermoformed designs for your horizontal and vertical applications. The nonporous nature of Corian creates superb hygienic surfaces that stop stains from settling into the surface, and it provides inconspicuous joints for a remarkably seamless look and function. Commercial and residential customers have valued Corian for its modern looks, classic styles, and soft and bold neutrals to make each designed space unique and memorable.

Corian Design has recently added exciting new colors to its Corian Solid Surface line including Carrara Crema and Carrara Lino, which are inspired by marble, featuring prominent veins on cool and warm backgrounds. To learn more, visit www.corian.com.

Silestone Sunlit Days by Cosentino 

Cosentino Silestone Sunlit Days

Silestone Sunlit Days is the industry’s first carbon-neutral collection. Created with the new HybriQ by Silestone technology, the collection also uses 99% reused water, 100% renewable electric energy and 20% recycled raw materials in its new composition. This pioneering formula significantly reduces the presence of crystalline silica, while maintaining Silestone’s performance features. In addition to its game-changing sustainability, the new collection embraces a bright color narrative (Faro White, Cincel Grey, Arcilla Red, Cala Blue & Posidonia Green) that celebrates nature found in the Mediterranean. Sunlit Days offers a wide range of applications with the potential to serve in high-moisture and high-traffic areas. For more information, visit www.cosentino.com.

Crossville’s Black Tile 

Crossville Black Tile Countertop

Crossville’s12 mm-thick porcelain slabs in Black Tile, unpolished, prove to be an innovative alternative for the fabrication of countertops, even for commercial settings. Here, this stylish and versatile material creates highly functional and fashionable tiered surfaces for a busy office’s break room. For more information, visit

Daltile’s Panoramic Porcelain Couture Collection 

Daltile Panoramic Sapphire

The newest addition to Daltile’s chic Panoramic Porcelain Couture Collection is Sapphire Status. As with all of Daltile’s Panoramic porcelain surfaces, this new product offers the visual and style of natural stone, with the durability, cleanability, and attractive price point of porcelain. Sapphire Status is a bold, deep, energizing blue marble design that is a fabulous way to add drama to a space, or access the popular design trend of connecting with nature. The deep sapphire blue and black marble background is accented by prominent white and gold veining in a generous 10-foot-6-inch by 5-foot-3-inch slab. For more information, visit www.daltile.com.

Durasein’s Charming Collection 

Durasein Charming Luna

Inspired by sand and stone, Durasein’s Charming collection naturally brings a grounding presence to every room. With subtle stripping of tans and grays, this easy-to-love combo is a solid choice for any space. Calm, cool and collected, this collection’s range of neutral solid surfaces is anything but basic. Charming features three colors: Luna (pictured here), Eventide and Serenity. For more information, visit www.durasein.com/us/charming.

Durat’s B.lush Collection 

Durat Solid Surface B.lush collection

Looking for a bold but beautiful surface? Durat announced a new collection of solid surfaces — all in shades of PINK! The B.lush collection is approachable, passionate and nurturing. The eight new color options range from a lovely light peach to a hot pink bursting with black and white speckles. These surfaces are ideal for retail counters and displays — whether you are creating a monotone miracle or a maximalist masterpiece. Durat is great in high-traffic areas as it is nonporous, durable, and easy to clean and maintain. All Durat surfaces are made with up to 28% recycled hard plastics and are 100% recyclable through Durat’s takeback program. Durat also offers color-matched sinks. For more information visit www.caragreen.com/brands/durat/.

Eco-Terr Potomac by Coverings ETC 

CoveringsETC Potomac RiverWash

Coverings ETC, a respected provider of circular and sustainable hard-surface finish materials, has launched a new color palette in their terrazzo line — Eco-Terr Potomac. 

The Eco-Terr family of products offers a select variety of specialty finishes following their strict Future Friendly guidelines to showcase their circular economy initiatives in an effort to contribute toward a zero-waste society. The manufacturing process of Eco-Terr is chemical-free with zero VOCs, which improves indoor air quality and does not support microbial growth. Eco-Terr boasts an LCA of 60+ years, is made with recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. Eco-Terr Potomac speaks to the timeless aspect of terrazzo through each aggregate naturally tumbled and shaped by nature. For more information, visit www.coveringsetc.com.

elementAl — Shiny & New

Elemental Swagger Spectral Solid surface

elementAl recently introduced two new colors to the Heavy collection, swagger and spectrAl. This silver and gold duo add shimmer and shine to the colorful selection of surfaces already offered by elementAl. Swagger features flakes of brass suspended in black, translucent recycled acrylic. spectrAl is a unique silvery surface full of aluminum shavings (hence the Al).

elementAl Heavy is a solid surface made of 87% post-industrial recycled acrylic and recycled metal, manufactured in New York. elementAl is perfect for backlighting as nearly all of the colors are semi-translucent. elementAl can be used for countertops, wall cladding, formed into signage or furniture, and used as an eye-catching accent feature. All elementAl surfaces can be cut using standard woodworking tools, are easily repairable, and easy to clean. Learn more at www.caragreen.com/brands/elemental.

GEOS (Re)Surfaces

GEOS REsurface countertop solid surface

Four colors are returning to GEOS’ collection of recycled glass surfaces. Aspen, Fairfax, Wheat and Coffee Kona, some of the original nature-inspired colors, are resurfacing! These colorways combine earthy greens and browns with the brilliance of recycled glass flecks to create a dynamic, even whimsical aesthetic. Coffee shops, green retailers and nature lovers should pay attention — these surfaces are for you! 

GEOS was skillfully developed by a fabricator to have all the beauty and eco-friendly attributes of existing recycled glass surfaces — plus the fabrication, installation and durability benefits inherent in a resin-based binder. The slabs fabricate and install similar to quartz and other engineered stone, but GEOS is less energy-intensive and less prone to cracking compared to cement-based surfaces. If you missed these colors the first time, make sure you check out their revival! For samples or more information, visit www.caragreen.com/brands/geos/.

Gilasi — Custom or Classic 

Gilasi countertop material solid surface

Gilasi recycled glass surfaces embrace the challenge of meeting the exact needs of architects and designers. If your aesthetic extends beyond their existing palette of colors and styles, they’ll make customization easy and fast. So whether you want a monochromatic surface with tiny glass pieces or an artistic look with varying sizes and colors, you can choose from the 20 standard colors or request unique combinations. Want to use recycled bottles from your own restaurant or need a higher density of glass? Let Gilasi help you create something meaningful for your space and kind to the environment. In addition to custom colors, Gilasi offers multiple slab sizes and widths as well as custom sizing possibilities to reduce cost and material waste. Learn more at www.gilasi.com.

HIMACS Solid Surface: Pietra Collection 

HIMACS solid surface Calda Kitchen countertops

HIMACS Solid Surface’s newest introduction, Pietra Collection, evokes the rugged and organic look of natural stone. The collection’s three colors — Brina, Calda (shown here) and Notte — bring an aesthetic of understated luxury and are versatile enough to meet the design requirements of multiple commercial interior spaces.

Brina’s frosty allure adds a touch of luxury to modern, industrial and transitional spaces. Its light gray and soft white tones, rich texture and intricate veining yield a sophisticated appearance. Calda’s ivory and soft white hues deliver warmth and design versatility. Its long veins gently ebb and flow in both width and tonality, revealing a gentle wavelike pattern. Rugged and dark, Notte makes a dramatic statement as long, whisper-white veins expand and condense across an urbane black surface, creating light undertones and an inviting look. 

As a nonporous surface, Pietra Collection offers exceptional maintenance, cost savings and hygienic advantages. Learn more at www.lxhausysusa.com.

IceStone’s White Pearl 

Icestone Countertop White Pearl Solid Surface

IceStone surfaces are made from 100% recycled glass, cement and nontoxic pigment. While cement is porous, IceStone has incorporated a permanent treatment to its surfaces, eliminating the need for the owner to ever have to seal the material. This treatment also increases IceStone’s stain and heat resistance, durability and UV stability. IceStone is available in 17 colors including classic neutrals and bold jewel tones. Used not only for countertops, IceStone can be used for vanities, desktops, tabletops, shelves, backsplashes, a fireplace surround and more. IceStone is the only Cradle to Cradle certified countertop surface, which is a globally recognized measure of safer, more sustainable products made for the circular economy. It is also the safest type of material to fabricate as it doesn’t contain harmful silica. Pictured here is White Pearl. For more information, visit www.icestoneusa.com.

Infinity Surfaces’ Cucina Alta 

Infinity Cucina countertop surface

Made in Italy, Infinity slabs can be applied to indoor and outdoor walls and floors, and transformed to create decorative furnishing items and countertops. Infinity has developed the exclusive Natura-Vein Tech technology, an innovation that allows a perfect and controlled sedimentation of minerals during the production process, crossing the entire thickness of the slab, obtaining perfect consistency between surface and mixture as seen here in this stunning kitchen, which features Cucina Alta. To find out more about Infinity Surfaces, visit www.infinitysurfaces.it.

Laminam Launches Four New Surfaces 

Laminam Ardesia Nero countertop surface

Laminam launched four new surfaces to its ceramic slab line: Ardesia a Spacco in two primary colors, Bianco (white) and Nero (black, pictured here), Cristallo Polished and the Ossido Verderame. Ardesia a Spacco has a finish modeled after natural split slate. Cristallo Polished has the aesthetics of natural quartzite and is intended for interior design, especially for kitchen countertops. The Verderame slabs have fluid aqua to brown hues to emulate the beautiful effect of green patina on copper. All surfaces come in a variety of thicknesses to match their application requirements for both indoor and outdoor projects, have antibacterial properties, and stain-, scratch-, deep abrasion- and UV-resistance. Find more information at www.laminamusa.com.

Lapitec’s Bianco Giulia — Silica-Free 

Lapitec Giulia Sintered Stone

Lapitec introduces a new color to their dramatically veined — and now crystalline silica-free — Musa collection. Bianco Giulia joins Bianco Vittoria and Elettra as the latest sintered stone innovation. Giulia is made of 100% minerals but the introduction of Lapitec’s new patented mineral, Biorite, makes the material completely crystalline silica-free. Biorite also further enhances the definition of the veining and coloring in the slabs. 

The Musa Collection retains the dramatic veining patterns throughout the full thickness of the slabs, giving it broad versatility in the design of flooring, walls, facades, and the cladding of kitchen and bathroom tops. Resistant to scratches, sudden temperature changes and chemicals, Lapitec is easy to clean thanks to its nonporous surface. For more information, go to www.lapitec.com.

LivingStone Solid Surface by US Surfaces

Livingstone Solid Surface

LivingStone works smarter to offer high-performance solid surface sheets and sinks at prices other leading brands don’t match. Their Smart Palette offers the most requested colors and patterns for today’s commercial and residential projects — a versatile collection of unmatched value large enough to coordinate with any project,
yet small enough to provide exceptional value. Learn more at www.livingstonesurfaces.com.

Meganite’s Terrazzo-Inspired Solid Surface


True Terrazzo captures the classic authentic look of natural terrazzo in a modern design that reveals an extraordinary aesthetic potential and unprecedented versatility in daily use. Compared with original terrazzo tiles, the critical advantage lies with all the fundamental functionality of Meganite’s standard solid surface. The main attributes of nonporous and seamlessness established the ideal functional appliance of the material. Discover more about Meganite at www.meganite.com.

MSI Surfaces Presents Calacatta Bolina 

MSI Surfaces Calacatta Collection

The cool, white background of MSI’s Calacatta Bolina quartz fuses beautifully with liquidlike veins flowing across the marble-look surface for a dramatic effect. Create standout surface applications in both residential and commercial environments. Calacatta Bolina offers the look of marble with the durability and low maintenance of quartz. Select from 2 cm and 3 cm slabs for design and installation flexibility. Visit www.msisurfaces.com/quartz-countertops/ to view the latest Q natural premium quartz products.



Neonnex Acrylic Solid Surfaces brings dreams and creativity into reality without compromising beauty or performance. The range of solid surface is highly admired by clients because of its incomparable features like compact design, high durability, attractive finish and longer service life. For more information, visit www.neonnex.com.

PaperStone’s Honey 

paperstone countertop surface honey

PaperStone Recycled Paper Composite Surfacing is a silica-free alternative to quartz and granite. With the push toward healthier materials and long-wearing durable surfaces, PaperStone has found a calling as a heavy-duty solid surface known for its performance, its warm touch, its contemporary appearance, and its environmental sustainability. Made from 100% post-industrial recycled paper, PaperStone is highly resistant to scratching, staining and chemicals. Used for countertops, cladding, furniture and more, Honey adds a beautiful light and lovely hue to PaperStone’s existing Designer Color collection. See the full collection at www.paperstoneproducts.com.

Radianz: Cirrus Prestige Collection 

LOTTE Radianz Starry

Inspired by the enduring beauty and luxurious look of precious metals, LOTTE introduces the newest colors in its Cirrus Prestige Collection of Radianz quartz surfaces. Pictured here is Starry. The exquisite silver and gold veining of the new Cirrus Prestige colors can be accomplished only with LOTTE’s proprietary manufacturing process, delicately weaving the metallic powders through the quartz composite for a natural-looking result. Cirrus Prestige surfaces are manufactured using LOTTE’s environmentally friendly process, earning GREENGUARD, GREENGUARD GOLD, and LEED certifications. Radianz quartz surfaces are Certified Class A fire rated and resistant to damage from heat. Composed of up to 93% natural quartz, Radianz countertops are hygienic, scratch- and stain-resistant, and they offer exceptional durability. Find out more at www.staron.com/radianz/us/color/list.

Staron’s Terrazzo Series 

LOTTE Staron Terrazzo

LOTTE expands its premium solid surface line with new Terrazzo Series patterns featuring the old-world look of broken, polished stone presented in classic aggregate, resulting in interesting shapes and textures. The new Terrazzo patterns with fancy chips deliver the outstanding performance for which Staron is famous — nonporous construction for exceptionally easy cleanup, dimensional flexibility for use in wide-ranging
commercial and residential applications, unparalleled durability, and low maintenance requirements. The newest Terrazzo Series patterns include Bologna — a warm collection of dark and light brown aggregate; and Torino — a sophisticated mix of black, gray, and white aggregate. Learn more at www.staron.com.

Vadara Continues to Innovate

Vadara has introduced six innovative colors to its existing product lineup. The new offering answers the growing demand for the timeless beauty and inspiration found throughout nature. The new fashion-forward color options include: 

For more information, visit www.vadaraquartz.com.

Vicostone’s Alessandria 

Alessandria VicostoneVicostone is a leading global brand of premium quartz surfaces. Designers and consumers favor Vicostone quartz for its modern style, natural aesthetic and broad color palette. Alessandria quartz features stylish white quartz with a silky vein-set that mixes gray, taupe and gold. It is inspired by the beautiful Alpine foothills in Piedmont, Italy, where piazzas and palaces adorn the countryside. Using Vicostone’s innovative manufacturing technology, Alessandria introduces a realistic marble-look engineered stone with depth and detail that provides an elegant natural aesthetic. Alessandria quartz slabs are available in jumbo size (130 inches by 65 inches) with 2 cm and 3 cm thicknesses. Find your distributor and order samples at us.vicostone.com.

Wilsonart’s Home Quartz Collection 

Wilsonart Enchanted Rock

Wilsonart, a leading manufacturer of engineered surfaces, has a brand-new Wilsonart Home Quartz Collection featuring 20 of their most popular residential countertop designs. Pictured here is Enchanted Rock. From marbles to abstracts to solids, every surface is hand-curated for its beauty, and effortlessly blends into styles that resonate in a variety of residential interiors. Plus, every surface comes with the trusted performance and durability of Wilsonart Quartz. Explore the collection at www.wilsonart.com/quartz-at-home.

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