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New Surfacing Materials + Colors for 2023

From solid surface to quartz to the ever-growing popularity of porcelain, here’s what’s on trend in 2023.

HIMACS: The Pietra Collection

HIMACS: The Pietra Collection Ombra

HIMACS Solid Surface’s newest introduction, Pietra Collection, evokes the rugged and organic look of natural stone. The collection’s five colors — Brina, Calda, Notte, Nebbia and Ombra (shown here) — bring an aesthetic of understated luxury and are versatile enough to meet the design requirements of multiple commercial interior spaces.

Brina’s frosty allure adds a touch of luxury to modern, industrial and transitional spaces. Its light gray and soft white tones, rich texture and intricate veining yield a sophisticated appearance. Calda’s ivory and soft white hues deliver warmth and design versatility. Its long veins gently ebb and flow in both width and tonality, revealing a gentle wavelike pattern. Rugged and dark, Notte makes a dramatic statement as long, whisper-white veins expand and condense across an urbane black surface, creating light undertones and an inviting look.

As a nonporous surface, Pietra Collection offers exceptional maintenance, cost savings and hygienic advantages.

Opimo Collection by Hyundai L&C

Opimo Collection by Hyundai L&C

Hyundai L&C is dedicated to a new lifestyle culture with the simple mission of creating satisfied customers and a more abundant world. With that mission in mind, Hyundai L&C proudly introduces their newest designs, the Opimo Collection.

Coming from the Latin word “opimus,” the Opimo Collection presents the abundance of nature’s variety and depth. Using the latest technology, Hyundai L&C has created a groundbreaking new chapter in quartz surfacing. By using this technology, they capture quartzite’s depth and translucent qualities in a manner that has never been seen in quartz surfacing. The natural color variations in each new design — Le Blanc (above), Matterhorn, Elba White, Eden and Patagonia — offer limitless possibilities to any design environment. 

Cambria Quartz

Cambria Quartz Berkshire Brass Satin

Cambria recently launched six new designs, including an all-new collection of four alloy-infused surfaces, suitable for both residential and commercial applications. This never-before-seen alloy veining captures the luster of brass (above) and steel and is available in three different surface characteristics — smooth, sculpted, and satin ridge. The Alloy Collection marks a first for alloy-infused quartz surfaces and debuts as part of Cambria’s new Grandeur Series, the most luxurious of all Cambria series. In addition to Grandeur, styles Abbey and Everleigh round out this design launch, featuring cool gray and warm gold veining suitable for both modern and traditional environments.

Daltile ONE Quartz Surfaces: Arabescato Twilight

Daltile ONE Quartz Surfaces: Arabescato Twilight

Daltile’s ONE Quartz Surfaces can be cut for almost any application, creating the perfect product for a seamless design or monochromatic look, and now they’re available in extra-large slab sizes. Daltile uses more than 90% quartz in their ONE Quartz Surfaces along with resins that act as binders and colors that give the product its beauty. They have unsurpassed durability, design flexibility, ease of maintenance and consistency. The many color choices and stone-look designs in quartz make the look of marble or other exotic natural stones a possibility where they might otherwise be prohibitive. Pictured here is Arabescato Twilight, one of four new designs released in 2022. Increase the style in your space with majestic quartz countertops, and seamless quartz floors or walls in your design. 

Silestone with HybriQ+ Technology by Cosentino

Silestone Cosentino Sunlit Days
This contemporary bathroom features Silestone’s Sunlit Days in Posidonia Green.

Silestone with HybriQ+ Technology is a true testament to Cosentino’s commitment to sustainability and taking care of the present to protect the future. HybriQ+ Technology is a high-performance blend of premium minerals, quartz and recycled materials. The innovative technology marks an entirely new product composition and manufacturing method for Silestone — with a newly debuted sustainable manufacturing process that uses 99% reused water, 100% renewable electric energy, zero water waste and a minimum of 20% recycled raw materials within HybriQ+ products’ composition.

Corian Endura’s Cool Marble

Corian Endura is a premium high-performance porcelain

Corian Endura is a premium high-performance porcelain made from a recipe of natural minerals and cutting-edge technology. Compressed together under extreme pressure and then heated at high temperature in a similar way to how nature forges a diamond, this innovative material is a densely packed mass characterized by its durability and beauty. Corian Endura offers superior resistance to extreme heat, abrasions, scratches and stains. It offers superior hardness, is nonporous and does not promote the growth of mold, bacteria and mildew. Select from four product families made up of monochromatic, marble, metal and cement aesthetics. Pictured here is Cool Marble. The color palette matches up effortlessly with a wide selection of kitchen styles, from sleek modern interiors for the city to traditional settings suitable for country living. View other new releases from Corian here.

Coverlam: The Distrito Series

Coverlam: The Distrito Series

The wide range of Coverlam products is extended this season with the enticing metallic texture of the Distrito series in Aluminum, Corten, Zinc, Iron (shown here) and Ivory colors. This collection closely recalls the look of metal sheets that have been exposed to the weather, creating visually rich surfaces. This ultra-thin (5.6 mm and 3.5 mm) porcelain collection is available in large-format pieces: 1200 by 2600 mm, 1000 by 3000 mm, 1200 by 1200 mm and 600 by 1200 mm. It’s also available for kitchen countertops in Iron, Aluminum and Ivory colors in 1620 mm by 3240 mm and 1000 mm by 3000 mm sizes, and 12mm and 10.5 mm thicknesses.

Q Premium Natural Quartz by MSI Surfaces: Beauty and Beast

Kitchen 3 Calacatta Miraggio Duo MSI Surfaces

The Q Studio Collection by MSI Surfaces features quartz designed to be beautiful, on-trend and functional. Calacatta Miraggio Duo, Calacatta Miraggio Gold, and Calacatta Miraggio are realistic marble looks — part of the expanding Q Studio Collection. Known for their beautiful neutral color palettes, unique veining, and superior white backgrounds, the features of Q Studio provide ultimate design flexibility. The newest addition, Calacatta Miraggio Duo, is a standout product. This quartz boasts a unique duo-tone design, combining subtle yet bold gold and gray veins throughout each slab, adding depth and interest to the surface.

Caesarstone’s Porcelain

Caesarstone Porcelain Snowdrift

Caesarstone’s porcelain products mark a leap in technology, functionality and design by introducing three innovative properties that deliver a high degree of durability, strength and style. This product is based on three innovative properties developed by the brand to unleash the full potential of porcelain, making it a high-performance material particularly suited for present-day lifestyle:

  • Fortified frame — incredibly hard material.
  • High heat — extremely resistant to high temperatures.
  • Forward design — striking color schemes, bolder veins, textures and patterns.

For 35 years, Caesarstone has been turning design dreams into a reality. Now, with the addition of porcelain, consumers can find their dream surface no matter the material. A Caesarstone countertop lets life unfold around it because it is made for whatever life brings. Shown here is Snowdrift.

Wilsonart High Pressure Laminate: Woodgrain Staining Collection

Wilsonart Woodgrain Staining High Pressure Laminate

Wilsonart brings real wood and custom veneer staining to laminate with the introduction of its new Woodgrain Staining collection. This innovation within the Wilsonart High Pressure Laminate (HPL) portfolio allows designers to achieve the look of stained wood or veneer in virtually any color. Blending versatile style and powerful technology, Wilsonart Woodgrain Staining offers customization of classic woodgrains, like oak and walnut, and allows designers to match any hue from a variety of color palettes. This customization is available through an easy online ordering process with expedited delivery timelines of just a few weeks. Wilsonart also offers 28 pre-curated designs for those who desire a stained look but don’t need to achieve a color match. Combined with the high-performance durability of sustainable Wilsonart HPL, the collection evokes the aesthetics of real wood and is ideal for high-traffic commercial applications.

Dekton SilverKoast by Cosentino

Dekton SilverKoast Cosentino Salina Porcelain

This new series draws inspiration from a journey through California’s stunning coastline, as told through Carrara and Ivory White marble-inspired designs. It marks the first collection to feature the brand’s new Quick Cut technology — an innovation at the molecular level of the material that makes it lighter and easier to cut, while maintaining its industry-leading performance and durability. The result: a product that is three times faster to cut, easier to transport and install, with less tool wear and cleaner edges.

“With its unrivaled durability and sophisticated designs, Dekton SilverKoast allows our clients to bring the beauty, harmony and warmth of the coveted California coast into a wide variety of residential, commercial and hospitality projects — indoors and out,” said Director of Product R&D Valentin Garcia.

Inspired by the serene whites of the Pacific, as well as some of the brand’s best-selling Silestone designs, Dekton SilverKoast brings functional beauty to any architectural project. The performance features of Dekton such as high resistance to UV rays, scratches, abrasions and water, make it ideal for both interior and exterior applications.

The collection is available in two colors and offered in a velvet matte, as well as polished finish — which boasts Cosentino’s XGloss technology to produce a dazzling crystalline shine. Shown here is Salina.

Infinity Surfaces’ Cucina Alta

Infinity Cucina countertop surface

Made in Italy, Infinity slabs can be applied to indoor and outdoor walls and floors, and transformed to create decorative furnishing items and countertops. Infinity has developed the exclusive Natura-Vein Tech technology — an innovation that allows a perfect and controlled sedimentation of minerals during the production process, crossing the entire thickness of the slab, obtaining perfect consistency between surface and mixture as seen here in this stunning kitchen, which features Cucina Alta. 

REHAU Presents RAUVISIO Noir Compact

RAUVISIO noir compact

REHAU announces the newest application of its RAUVISIO noir monotonic matte surface, RAUVISIO noir compact. Scratch- and fingerprint-resistant, the durable, light-absorbent surface is made for real-life applications. Yet, the touchable matte finish adds a rich elegance designed to transform any room into a feast for the senses. The monotonic surface retains all its elemental properties while delivering a safe, durable and family-friendly product that enhances spaces. Forged in Italy from the finest materials, RAUVISIO noir compact boasts unwavering style that has been infused with the intensely rich and muted aesthetic of the film noir genre. The newest, specifically designed for vertical and horizontal applications, features a compact design that is uniquely versatile, highly resilient, environmentally friendly and hygienic.

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