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nobilia North America Introduces the Xtra Ceramic Worktop 783 in Venato Nero Reproduction: The Perfect Fusion of Functionality and Elegance

nobilia, the largest manufacturer of European kitchen furniture, has once again pushed the boundaries of design and innovation with the introduction of their latest masterpiece: the Xtra Ceramic Worktop 783 in Venato Nero reproduction. This exceptional worktop not only promises exceptional performance in the kitchen but also adds a touch of timeless elegance to any living space.

Combining Form and Function
Kitchen worktops play a vital role in the heart of every home, and nobilia North America understands the need for a perfect balance between durability, hygiene and aesthetic appeal. With this in mind, nobilia has expanded its line of worktops to include three new iterations for 2023, each designed to harmoniously complement existing designs.

The Star of the Show: Xtra Ceramic Worktop 783 in Venato Nero Reproduction
Among the new designs, the Xtra Ceramic Worktop 783 in Venato Nero reproduction stands out as a true gem. Inspired by dark marble, this worktop can be beautifully integrated as a contrasting element or elegantly tone-in-tone with black surfaces. The dark marble look is adorned with golden accents, creating captivating contrasts when paired with high-gloss magnolia fronts.

nobilia venato nero kitchen worktop ceramicInnovative Technology for Unmatched Performance
nobilia takes innovation seriously, and the Xtra Ceramic Worktop 783 is a testament to that commitment. This patented surfacing material is manufactured using an ingenious composite construction method. Its 16 mm thickness consists of 6 mm solid ceramic atop a 10 mm lightweight backing layer made from recycled glass.

The fusion of these materials results in an impact-resistant design edge, making the Xtra Ceramic Worktop 783 ideal for the demanding nature of everyday kitchen life. Its surface is scratch-resistant, ensuring its stunning appearance remains intact even with frequent use. Moreover, the water-resistant features of the worktop make it suitable for bathrooms, adding a touch of natural beauty to any living space.


Versatility at Its Best
nobilia’s Xtra Ceramic Worktop 783 offers versatility like no other. Besides enhancing any kitchen space, it effortlessly accommodates technically approved hot plates and sinks in a flush-mounted installation.

Experience the Elegance and Durability
nobilia remains committed to delivering premium quality kitchen solutions that cater to the diverse needs and tastes of its customers. Discover nobilia’s Xtra Ceramic Worktop 783 and experience the perfect blend of elegance and durability. Elevate any kitchen’s appeal and enjoy the convenience of a resilient work surface that stands the test of time.

About nobilia
nobilia was founded in 1945 by brothers Johann and Willy Stickling and has since grown to become the worldwide market leader for kitchen furniture with customers in over 90 countries across all continents. nobilia manufactures exclusively at two locations in Germany, producing over 3,500 kitchens daily. For more than 75 years, nobilia kitchens have delivered up-to-date personalized design, outstanding brand quality and superb value. Still family-owned and operated, the nobilia culture honors and respects its long-lasting and close customer relationships around the globe.

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