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REHAU Introduces RAUVISIO ingrain Wood Fiber Laminate

Newest addition to REHAU surface lines is sustainably engineered.

REHAU announces its surface line, RAUVISIO ingrain wood fiber laminate, which combines natural wood fibers with synchronized etching for a luxurious veneer aesthetic.

Interior of a bedroom with fireplace and tv on wall. 3D rendering of a luxurious master bedroom interior with large windows.

New to the North American market, wood fiber laminate is cellulose fibers derived from wood pulp bonded using vegetable-based adhesives, resulting in a high-performing, sustainable surface. With high-definition printing and precision REHAU LaserEdge duo-gloss embossing, the immersive patterns of RAUVISIO ingrain deliver an atmosphere of eco-conscience luxury to designed spaces.

“I find RAUVISIO ingrain hard to describe because it’s not like any other laminate on the market,” said Jesse Collins, director of marketing and communications at REHAU. “Without having actual peaks and valleys, the wood fiber laminate surface uses patterned lacquer to accentuate the grain. It channels light and contrast in such high definition that you’re convinced it’s a real veneer.

The three color collections of RAUVISIO ingrain are curated to create unique environments as they bring the comfort, beauty and luxury of the natural world inside. The colors in the Timeless collection are pillars of any good design because of their versatility. In offices, hotels and restaurants, they carry a graceful worldliness that gleams confidently. The warm, deeply vibrant colors of the Horizon collection provide a sunny-side-up experience that nurtures elevated moods and keeps ideas flowing. Patterned for visual impact, the Atmosphere collection creates a mystical setting for resimercial spaces that need a spark of warmth and homeyness.

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The RAUVISIO ingrain line is available in 15 colors of PSA laminate and edgeband as well as double-sided boards, finished panels and modern cabinet doors. The wood-fiber paper is crafted in Italy, laid-up stateside on a particle board core using PUR glue and seamlessly finished with REHAU LaserEdge for a monolithic effect. Grain-matched panels with expanses up to 47 inches by 119 inches (119 mm by 302 cm) are also available.

Synchronized etching, the new, proprietary technology used in RAUVISIO ingrain, adds visual dimension to a wood-fiber pore by applying a patterned matte and low gloss finish. It delivers the soft, crisp graining of a veneer, without the overcompensations typical of melamine embossing. On REHAU LaserEdge, this technique known as duo-gloss, recreates each laminate color using a precision embossing pattern for a visually seamless surface-to-edge transition.

“Textured melamines have printed designs that are then subjected to a resin bath causing the image quality to become diluted. The resulting finish is typically glossy and artificial,” explained Scott Blaire, senior product engineer at REHAU. “RAUVISIO ingrain maintains a high-definition print because its finish is applied by a proprietary print-roller process in a unique matte and low-gloss texture that matches the grain pattern. To match this high-definition effect in REHAU LaserEdge, our color-match artists have advanced our edgeband technology with complex designs that use patterns in the color, gloss and embossing.”

Crafted from organic materials, the laminate is free of melamine resins, formaldehyde, phenol and solvents, making it especially suitable for spaces that prioritize health and wellbeing in addition to sustainability. The extreme flexibility of the RAUVISIO ingrain PSA laminate makes it ideal for expansive interior vertical design elements, including curved walls and soft 3D applications, and opens the potential for low-temperature applications using widely available adhesives.

RAUVISIO ingrain is a step up from melamine, offering superior heat and moisture resistance. Because it is three times thicker than melamine, it has more depth to create a tighter seal between surface and edge. The engineered natural material is an economical choice, eliminating the labor-intensive finish work of real veneer and coming in at one-third of the cost of prefinished veneer.

Learn more about RAUVISIO ingrain at and on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. With headquarters in Leesburg, Virginia, the REHAU Group develops, manufactures and markets polymer-based solutions for automotive, construction, furniture, materials, medical and industrial sectors throughout the world. The independent, family-owned group of companies operates in more than 190 locations with more than 20,000 employees. Passionate and committed, REHAU teams work each day toward the common goal of improving lives through the use of innovative, sustainable technologies.

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