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SAi launches EnRoute 23 with New Features for More Applications

The first major upgrade since EnRoute 7, the newest version includes user requested tools.

SA International (SAi), the leading provider of software solutions for professional signmaking, wide-format digital printing and CAD/CAM machining industries, introduces EnRoute 23 to expand the capabilities of users and take the software to new application sectors.

Enroute 23
EnRoute 23 CAD/CAM software has been introducted to expand the capabilities of users.

Along with more than 20 new features, SAi’s EnRoute 23 CAD/CAM design software is the first iteration of a new product strategy – annual updates to deliver more features and refinements to users on a basis. These users typically span those in CNC woodworking, signmaking and fabrication companies, as well as nested-based manufacturing users.

“The launch of EnRoute 23 is another major step in the evolution of this software and many of the new features have been developed based on requests from users who are being asked to provide more complex work by their customers,” says Eyal Friedman, vice president of product management at SAi. “Faced with both time and price pressures, users will find these most recent changes especially attractive. At the same time, these new capabilities will enable more types of job to be done and take EnRoute into new applications and industries with similar operational needs”, Friedman continues.

Among the most notable new features of EnRoute 23 are:

Setup Manager: This application enables users to configure the menus and tool bars of EnRoute 23 to display the tools necessary for specific jobs, giving a clean, custom dashboard for ease of use. These custom configurations can be saved for repeat jobs. Watch an overview video here.

New Profile Tools: Support for ogee and beading tools has been developed for expanded capabilities. SAi has also added sample tools to the tool library to enable users to quickly begin using them. In addition, DXF and PDF files can now be used to define tools by users.

3D simulation of toolpath enables users ensure that their results will be as expected.

Simulation of Profile Tools: This new feature enables users to ensure that results are what they expect before cutting by displaying a graphic representation of the toolpath. This tool will save time and expensive material waste.

Corner Fine: One of the drawbacks of CNC routing occurs when cutting inside corners when the internal corner radius is that of the radius of the profile tool. The Corner Fine capability is built into Hatch, Island and Spiral fills and enables the selection of smaller radius (ball-nose) end mill tools to achieve sharp internal corners.

Peeled Pole Texture: Woodworkers producing rustic furniture and home décor will welcome this new parametric texture that delivers the “peeled pole” effect. The tool gives users control of pole diameters, uniformity, faceting and surface finish.

The host of other new features and capabilities included in EnRoute 23 — No-lift Tool pathing, Color and Centerline Vectorizations, and improved nesting capabilities with cut time estimates — are all part of this exciting new software. Other practical features include a Unit Converter for accurate unit conversions, including inches/second to mm/minute, which will benefit users around the world.

In addition, the new Component Maker tool and Box Maker Wizard enable users to handle these applications with greater ease and speed.

EnRoute 23 will began its worldwide roll-out in January 2023 and is available for traditional purchase or via SAi’s flexible subscription program.

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About SA International (SAi)
Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, USA, SA International (SAi) is recognized as the global leader in providing software solutions for the signmaking, digital printing, textile and CNC machining industries – from design to production. SAi’s Flexi family of software products rank as the world’s number one software for signmaking and digital printing, outselling all competitors combined. Flexi is found on more wide-format printers than any other software. In addition, the company is one of the leaders in the CNC machining and router markets with its EnRoute CAD/CAM software.

SAi has a large and loyal network of resellers around the world and has over 250,000 customers in more than 150 countries. SAi enjoys strong OEM relationships with industry leading manufacturers. In addition to its Florida headquarters, SAi has offices in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Brussels, Belgium; São Paulo, Brazil; Shanghai and Hong Kong, China; Pune, India; Tel Aviv, Israel and Tokyo, Japan.

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