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Solid Surface Meets Marble

The Marvel of Marble. The Performance of Solid Surface.

By Joseph Elia

It is well established that a marble surface has the power to elevate and beautify any space. From dramatic veining to luxury sheens, marble countertops continue to be synonymous with refined taste and classic appeal. More recently, the pristine look of white marble is trending in modern kitchens everywhere. White marble offers softer veining and design flexibility that fits a variety of styles and interior color palettes. Plus, with the rise of warmer tones for cabinetry and fixtures, white marble is the ideal choice in a bright home or contemporary commercial space.

The Crafted Collection by Wilsonart, Monte Amiata 9911SS

So why are people choosing solid surface to recreate the beautiful presence of white marble?

In short, today’s solid surface technology improves on all of the shortcomings of natural marble — and still maintains the stunning appearance that homeowners love. Engineered surfaces manufacturers like Wilsonart have responded to consumer demand with new selections and innovative improvements.

Comparing Solid Surface to Marble

There are many reasons to love traditional marble, but the material is not without its drawbacks. Marble is composed of organic stones and requires careful cleaning due to its porous nature. It is also susceptible to scratching and requires regular sealing.

Wilsonart Solid Surface Crafted Collection
The Crafted Collection by Wilsonart, Monte Amiata 9911SS

In contrast, solid surface is a highly durable, repairable material and capable of withstanding everyday use without excessive maintenance. Wilsonart Solid Surface, for instance, delivers the vibrancy of nature paired with the performance of engineering. Designs from Wilsonart are complete with seamless construction, impact resistance, and the peace of mind that every countertop will perform long into the future. Solid surface can also be installed as a backsplash to match the sophisticated countertop with cohesive style. To top it all off, it is also more economical than traditional marble due to its affordable installation and long-term maintenance costs.

Nature’s Beauty is Trending 

Wilsonart recently upgraded their solid surface lineup to include the Crafted Collection, an exclusive selection of three trending white marble designs. Ideally suited for residential environments, the Crafted Collection brings the organic appeal of prestigious white marble to any home décor. Spotlighting the subtle veining reminiscent of Carrara marble, the rare beauty of Calacatta stone, and the high-contrast allure of Statuario marble, this collection features distinctive structures and movement.

Wisonart Solid Surface Marble
The Crafted Collection: Cararra Emporio 9909SS

In the world of solid surface countertops, the line between human-made engineering and natural stone is becoming very blurred. As homeowners continue to gravitate toward the look of nature, Wilsonart is building its solid surface portfolio with designs that more vividly represent the beauty of marble. Wilsonart’s Crafted Collection illustrates this trend with dynamic veining structures that also mimic the calm movement of waves.

Continuous Innovation

The Crafted Collection featuring marble-inspired designs joins 11 total solid surface looks that were released by Wilsonart in 2021. Each of these surface choices includes scale and striking definition that are uncommon in the solid surface industry. All revolutionize surface design providing depth, scale, and diversity of details that create outstanding visual appeal to complement any space.

Backsplash featuring Wilsonart’s
Angel Falls 9223SS

As surface technology continues to improve, manufacturers like Wilsonart are continuously engineering surfaces that resemble the appearance of natural stone — and rival its capabilities. The lasting performance of the Crafted Collection achieves this goal with designs that are indistinguishable from the on-trend elegance of white marble.  

To learn more about the Crafted Collection from Wilsonart,
visit www.wilsonart.com/solid-surfaces.  

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