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Sustainability Meets Aesthetics: Quartz Surfaces Shine in Net-Zero Home

Imagine a home that seamlessly integrates breathtaking design aesthetics with a deep-rooted commitment to environmental sustainability. A net-zero home is so energy efficient that it produces as much renewable energy as it consumes annually. In addition, design elements are chosen to ensure things like temperature management with minimal energy consumption, water conservation, air purification and healthy natural light exposure. Products manufactured using sustainable processes are prioritized.

Then consider how you can contribute your knowledge, skill and experience to such an endeavor. Cambria, the leading American-made, family-owned quartz surface producer, did just that by being a part of a groundbreaking net-zero home — the first-ever sustainability show house in the nation. By providing the purest quartz in the marketplace, Cambria perfectly complemented the sustainable ethos of the home, showcasing a beautiful harmony between innovation and nature-inspired beauty.

Photo credit: Paul Moore

The home is nestled in Cave Creek, Arizona, and spans 3,000 square feet. Meticulously crafted using environmentally conscious processes and products, its construction focused on minimizing the adverse effects on the environment. A net-zero home is renowned for its exceptional insulation and energy efficiency. Beyond its eco-friendly features, this residence boasts a captivating layout and modern architectural design, accentuated by exquisitely appointed spaces. Notably, the home showcases the stunning beauty of environmentally conscious products.

Mark LaLiberte, the founder of Construction Instruction, is the owner and driving force behind this project. According to LaLiberte, a high-performance home encompasses exceptional indoor air quality, outstanding energy efficiency, captivating aesthetics and impeccable durability. Achieving net-zero status begins early in the planning and design phase by making sustainable home design decisions that align with eco-friendly objectives. The entire team recognized and embraced this responsibility wholeheartedly.

Photo credit: Paul Moore

The construction of this remarkable home was a collaborative endeavor involving teams from Construction Instruction; Cosan Studio, an architecture firm specializing in high-end residential design; Refined Gardens, a landscape design company; K & Q Interiors, an interior design firm; and A Finer Touch Construction (AFT). Together, they have pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved in net-zero homes, resulting in an unprecedented masterpiece.

AFT procured the quartz slabs directly from the Phoenix Cambria Sales and Distribution Center. With 22 distribution centers spread across the United States and Canada, Cambria’s network aligns with the objective of minimizing carbon footprint during the home construction process.

Photo credit: Paul Moore

Taking steps toward sustainability, Cambria addresses transportation, water usage, power generation, lighting design, tooling and materials in its operations. By prioritizing sustainable practices, it plays an active role in safeguarding the land and its people for generations to come. Its commitment to minimizing the environmental impact throughout its operations showcases a company dedicated to a brighter and greener future.

The masterful design of the home seamlessly blends beauty and functionality, creating a harmonious living experience that transcends expectations. The home features Brittanicca, Brittanicca Warm and Ironsbridge, which draw inspiration from organic forms found in nature. By integrating these designs into the kitchen and baths of the home, the quartz surfaces beautifully bring the outside in, creating a space that harmonizes with the surrounding environment.

As we continue to move forward in our quest for sustainable living, this net-zero home stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities when innovation, design and sustainability converge.

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