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Travertine Trend: How Kreoo Captures the Aesthetic

For indoor or outdoor, wall coverings, accessories and bathroom furniture concepts, Travertine is back to set trends in the design world. Its strongly textured look, its richness of nuance, the range of shades available, and its intrinsic characteristics make it a warm, vibrant material that is appreciated everywhere in the world. Travertino Noce, Travertino Titanium, Travertino Navona and Travertino Rosso are some of the varieties of this limestone rock that Kreoo uses in its collections, created by leading Italian designers.

Some examples are the Linear cabinet, the Hug washbasin and bathtub, designed by Matteo Nunziati, which blend Titanium Travertine with Eucalyptus or Walnut wood, in a combination of great elegance and contemporaneity.

Or, the Zen or Folium collection of wall coverings, designed by Marco Piva and Sebastiano Zilio, respectively, and the More table by Marco Spatti, made entirely of Travertine.

The Hug collection evokes an embrace between the two materials and their alternating patterns of solids and voids, which define their aesthetics: in the freestanding washbasin, the marble envelops the back of the block, cylindrical, in a semicircle and crowns it with the basin, while the front is in wood and provides open spaces as well as storage compartments with doors. The bathtub is also structured with the same juxtaposition: stone is shaped and worked to build the inner part while a wood shell surrounds it and completes it on one of the long sides with modular shelving, where objects or towels can be stored.

Linear continues the same research as Hug, with more essential and geometric lines: Travertine, again of the Titanium variety, can be combined with the same two wood essences or White Larch to compose freestanding or wall-hung bathroom furniture, in four different sizes. Marble defines the top and the long band applied to the drawer front that serves as a handle, shaped to provide the best ease of grip.

Zen and Folium wall coverings, on the other hand, exalt the irregular texture of Travertino with grooves and thickness interplays in the material. Proposed in 60×60 cm panels and 2 cm thick, Zen is a surface carved by sinuous lines, with an asymmetrical fluidity that evokes sand dunes. Travertino Noce and Travertino Titanium, both available for this product, highlight its connection with the inspiring element and give a softness effect to the panels, which are also ideal for vertical applications in bathrooms. The natural imprint also inspires the concept of the Folium collection, where the detail of the botanical world is brought to life in the stone, which accommodates a stylistic version of the leaf in four different textures that can be juxtaposed and selected in Travertino Navona, Travertino Noce, Travertino Titanium and Travertino Rosso.

Last but not least, More is a family of tables in different sizes and shapes that can be customized and entirely made of Travertino. The base is composed of slabs of natural stone placed vertically and connected together to shape a cross, which emerges on the top and defines a decorative and functional detail. The structural outline projection on the top continues in thin lines that reach out to the edge of the top, where an elegant bevel is created, making it possible to work with smaller slabs of marble, reducing the waste of material.

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